Reporting & Analytics


USF faculty and staff have access to a versatile and robust reporting platform to make informed business decisions. Reporting from USF’s Administrative Systems (Banner) requires significant technical expertise and training.  Reporting duties are shared among ITS programming staff and reporting experts in functional areas, including Enrollment Management, Advancement, Business and Finance, and Institutional Research. ITS provides technical support and system administration for the WebFOCUS business intelligence platform and the ePrint reports repository.


WebFOCUS Reporting & Analytics Portal

Pre-defined, parameter-guided reports are available from the administrative departments. These pre-built reports enable USF staff and faculty to access information collected from the Banner administrative system.

Report development

InfoAssist and Developer Studio are reporting applications that enables the users to create and define their own reports.  InfoAssist is a user-friendly, web-based ad hoc reporting tool enabling users to quickly create reports. Developer Studio is an advanced, full-featured reporting application empowering users to develop complex reports and to conduct in-depth analysis.

Please contact to inquire about training and access to these tools.

WebFOCUS reporting tools can be used to access a variety of data sources including Oracle databases and ODBC-compatible sources such as Excel flat files and SQL Server. Please contact for further information and assistance.

ePrint reports repository

ePrint is a web-based system designed to distribute reports securely and quickly. Many Banner administrative reports are currently available. Authorized USF faculty and staff may access these PDF reports through a myUSF channel.


Access will be granted based on the faculty or staff member’s functional job requirements, approval to access the data and reports is required, please contact the appropriate office:

  • Student data: Enrollment Management Information Services at 415-422-6534
  • Employee data: Human Resources at 415-422-6707
  • Financial data: Business & Finance at 415-422-6521
  • Advancement data: Advancement Services at 415-422-5623


In order to protect our valued information assets, USF faculty and staff are required to comply with USF’s Information Security Policy, data standards guidelines and FERPA as well as agree to a Confidentiality Agreement.

How Do I

Generate campus mailing labels from BI for faculty and staff


Information Security Policy