ETS offers free technology training to all faculty, staff, students. Training is available as small group, one-on-one, or customized for special projects and departmental requests. For consultations on projects, our staff members are available by appointment. Click here to make a request.

Classroom Instruction in the CIT Labs

Visit our training calendar to view the training workshops offered through the CIT. Online class registration is required. Classes are hands-on and at different levels. All training materials are available online. The CIT labs are also available to USF instructors who want to hold classes or presentations where technology-based instruction is an integral part of the class. Questions or reservations should be made to CIT. We appreciate it if you could complete our Feedback Form so that we can continually improve the training program.

Individual Training

Individual training is available to meet specific training needs where a class does not fulfill them. Interested persons can sign up for individual training via email at Online Training consists of online video tutorials, which offers thousands of video tutorials on various topics. Log in directly through portal page.

Project-based Training

Project-based training is geared towards individuals in a department or combination of departments that want to work as a team to learn new software. Email request for a project-based training session to CIT.

Technology Certificate Program

The Technology Certificate Program is offered during the summer months and is designed to assist faculty and staff in meeting their technology goals. Completing a minimum of FIVE technology classes in one track along with a work-related project is required to complete the certificate program. Tracks include: Teaching and Learning with Technology, Design and Media, Office Productivity, and Online Certificates will be awarded to all participants who complete the program requirements prior to the start of the fall semester.

Online Training Library

Access self-paced training on USF's educational technologies through our online training library.
For more information, please visit the Professional Development and Training website.