ASUSF Travel Funding

Apply for ASUSF Travel Funding

Funding to allow Gold RSOs the resources to travel to conferences and developmental experiences.

The total 2019–20 ASUSF Travel Funding budget is $70,000.


Any Gold undergraduate student organization registered with SLE. Organizations shall be in good standing and in compliance with all USF, SLE, and ASUSF rules and regulations.

Award Limits

Student organizations will be allocated up to one (1) approved award per semester. Funding will not be awarded for expenses already incurred.

Funding Parameters

Items typically funded: travel (airfare, charter buses, etc.), lodging (hotel, etc.), conference fees.

  • A minimum contribution of 10% of the total travel costs (per organization) is expected
  • Hotel rooms are funded based off of 4 people per room

Items not funded: Meals and gas will not be funded.


Application Deadline

All applications shall be submitted to Finance Committee at least eight (8) academic weeks prior to the date of the proposed event for requests up to $5,000. Requests submitted less than eight (8) academic weeks prior will be considered, but not fully funded. Requests submitted less than five (5) academic weeks prior will not be considered.

Application Review

The Finance Committee will deliberate on all applications, which shall include a detailed budget and a detailed description of how the travel experience will contribute to the development of the organization.

Funding may be approved for items needed the following academic year. No retroactive requests for access of this funding will be considered.

2019–20 ASUSF Funding Application