ASUSF Senate Meetings

Be Heard!

The ASUSF Senate holds meetings every Tuesday from 6–8 p.m. in the UC 4th Floor lounge that are open to the USF community. This is the perfect opportunity to hear your senators address their latest work. Get involved with your USF community and be heard!

At our last Senate meeting (11/6) we had Jeff Hamrick, Vice Provost of Institutional Budget, Planning and Analytics speak to us about tuition and budgets. Here are a few things we learned: 

- University management is asking the Board to approve a 3.9% increase in tuition for fiscal year '20, which is not atypical in higher education. There will be a 3.9% increase for room and 2.5% increase for board (otherwise known as meal plan costs). 
-USF has turned to investments in technology, changed to an efficient purchasing system, and is looking at hybrid programming to ease the costs for running the university.


We also had the pleasure of hosting Mike London, Associate Vice President of Facilities! We learned that:

-  the Facilities Office receives around 25,800 requests per year
- USF is  66% self-sustainable with its energy needs being generated at the lower campus!
-The new residential housing complex on Lone Mountain will have 150 units (singles & doubles) with 4 outdoor courtyards, each with a specific theme.  
-The Wolf & Kettle is set for expansion by architects that designed Whole Foods!