ASUSF Senate Meetings

Be Heard!

The ASUSF Senate holds meetings every Wednesday from 5–7 p.m. in the Berman Room (located inside of the Fromm Residence Hall) that are open to the USF community. This is the perfect opportunity to hear your senators address their latest work. Get involved with your USF community and be heard!

At our last Senate meeting for the semester (11/27) we passed two new Resolutions!

Referendum to Approve ASUSF At-Large Student Representatives 

      -Undergraduate students can run for a position under a platform of their choice! Passionate          about food on campus? run as the Food Representative! 

      -This structure allows ASUSF Senate to be adaptable to the political climate of the current                University because At-large titles can change every year to fit the needs of the students!

Resolution for Protective Priority Housing for Undocumented & Foster Youth

      -This Resolution works to address some of the issues related to the current Housing lottery            process by providing priority housing for students who identify as Undocumented or aged              out Foster Youth