ASUSF Senate Meetings

Be Heard!

The ASUSF Senate holds meetings every Wednesday from 5–7 p.m. in the Berman Room (located inside of the Fromm Residence Hall) that are open to the USF community. This is the perfect opportunity to hear your senators address their latest work. Get involved with your USF community and be heard!

Join the Wednesday Senate Meetings via Zoom

Get the password for the meeting by sending a Direct Message to @asusf_senate on Instagram

  • Induction of the Senate team was followed by an announcement of the 2020 fall election. The  Senators discussed the current communication between organizations, the senate, and the administration. The discussion came to a halt when guest speaker, Anna Jaeger, arrived. Jaeger presented the usefulness of the updated version of the USFMobile app and the benefits of Student Hub. August 19th Agenda | August 19th Minutes
  • Senators signed-up to be involved in the Involvement Fair, reviewed and signed ISA's Statement of Empathy, and went over the Title IX task force plan before introducing guest speaker, Jess Varga. Varga informed the Senate of the process a student or employee must go through when a claim is made. She then announced the plans the Title IX office are making to meet the demands of the students and how the office implemented the new demands under federal law. The meeting ended with the Executives informing all Senators of the Instagram posts being made and an open opportunity for Senators to work as a Health Ambassador.  August 26th Agenda | August 26th Minutes
  • Senate reviewed the policies and finances for SLE and approved various USO accounts. Senators also approved the amendments to the bylaws and committee codes made by the IA committee. Becca Muñoz is the senator of the month and guest speaker, Angeline Vuong, was introduced to the Senate. Vuong spoke of the importance of voting and explained why all USF students should vote.  September 2nd Agenda | September 2nd Minutes
  • September 9th Agenda
  • September 16th Agenda