Past Award Recipients

Division of Student Life Awards

Father John P. Schlegel, S.J. Award

Recognized for his work in creating an inclusive community, the Father John P. Schlegel Award is presented to an undergraduate student who has embraced the diversity and social justice objectives of the University's mission.

Year Award Recipient
2009 Erin-Kate Escobar
2010 Maka Akan Najin Clifford
2011 Halimah Anastasia T. Najieb-Locke
2012 Dominique Tan
2013 Nicholas Votaw
2014 Lori Pirinjian
2015 Taylor Heath
2016 Sarah Toutant
2017 Shaya Kara
2018 Jazlynn Pastor
2019 Reyna Brown

Archbishop Oscar Romero Award

Recognized for his ability to become a voice for the voiceless as the Archbishop of San Salvador, the Archbishop Oscar Romero Award is presented to an undergraduate or graduate student who strives to alleviate poverty and oppression.

Year Award Recipient
2008 Breanne Harris
2008 Andrea Wise
2009 Erika Carlsen
2010 Elizabeth Quintero Osuna
2011 Caroline Elizabeth Fruth
2012 Cassandra Sutherland
2013 Leonard Rubio
2014 Aundraya Martinez
2015 Esmeralda Garcia
2015 Eva Long
2016 Mary Cruz
2017 Undergraduate Recipient: Calina Lawrence
2017 Graduate Recipient: Daniela Vargas
2018 Undergraduate Recipient: Andrea Perez
2018 Graduate Recipient: Tyree Robinson
2019 Undergraduate Recipient: Alaina Arroyo
2019 Graduate Recipient: Flavio Bravo

Priscilla A. Scotlan Award

Recognized for her unselfish dedication and service to the University of San Francisco, the Priscilla A. Scotlan Award is presented to an undergraduate student who has been a role model for the University community.

Year Award Recipient
2008 James Kilton
2009 Laurel Moeslein
2010 Hannah Dioselina Mora
2011 Elizabeth R. Guerra
2012 Susanne Umbenhower
2013 Joseph Estalilla
2014 Christian Flores
2015 Melyssa Perla
2016 Dylan Moore
2017 Pearci Bastiany
2018 Kalmia Beets
2019 Paul Cook

Senior Leadership Award

This award will be given to a maximum of three graduating seniors who have consistently worked and succeeded in enriching and impacting student life and is committed to the values of Student Life throughout their career at USF.

Year Award Recipient
2009 Devon Davey
2009 Alexandra Kotcheff
2009 Morgan Walton
2010 Michelle My Nguyen
2010 Samantha Sheppard-Gonzales
2010 Carmen Kestekyan
2011 Alia Al-Sharif
2011 Darius Chen
2011 Joseph Famularo
2012 Sahar Bala
2012 Kim Petersen
2012 Catherine Verriere
2013 Mercedes Marjorie
2013 Taylor Holmes
2013 Evan Vaughan
2014 John T. Chibnail, Jr.
2014 Shea Hazarianm
2014 Breanna Lamping
2015 Jaemie Abad
2015 Madeline Meininger
2015 Sacha Rosemond
2016 Eric Dong
2016 Uma Joshi
2016 Jacqline Murillo
2017 Hannah Cole-Leathers
2017 Anaelia Ovalle
2017 Miriam Uribe
2018 Kyle Bates
2018 Nicole-Jocelyn Sanchez
2019 Katia Jauregui
2019 Kacie LaGuire
2019 Gabriel Greschler
2019 Michael Bounds

Excellence in Leadership & Service Award

Selection for the Excellence in Leadership and Service Awards will be based upon academic achievement and overall leadership and service within the University of San Francisco community demonstrating work in the following areas:

  • Ethic of Care: promotion of physical and mental wellness by implementing fitness or wellness opportunities and created efforts in the coordination of a single event or ongoing activity that directly relates to a topic of personal responsibility, community expectations, or social responsibility.
  • Social Justice: commitment to justice on campus or in the larger community by promoting a culture of respect, access, and inclusion that embraces differences and engages with partners or communities off-campus to promote justice.
  • Social Change: demonstrates a commitment to positive social change by raising awareness on campus through programming, events, or a specific student organization.
  • Community Development: demonstrates a focus on the effort to create an improved sense of community at the University by promoting the ideals of community, service, academics, social justice, multiculturalism and diversity that make them an asset to the entire University community.
Year Award Recipient
2009 Freddy Gutierrez
2009 Kelsey Jones
2009 Joeline Navarro
2009 Aleandra Platt
2009 Zena Price-Broncucia
2009 Shelly Saini
2009 Jeremy Shorenstein
2009 Patrick Sudlow
2010 Tam Nguyen
2010 Juliette Rafael
2010 Aida Fernanda Martinez
2010 Halimah Najieb-Locke
2010 Kelsey Jeanskaife Ransick
2010 Evan Vaughan
2011 Kelly Cook
2011 Carmen Fernandez
2011 Lauren A. Lasorda
2011 Brandon Oldham
2011 Clare Pidot
2011 Evan Vaughan
2012 Caroline Christ
2012 Sheila Connelly
2012 Neema Jyothiprakash
2013 Lauryn Gregorio
2013 Hector Martinez
2013 Madeline Meininger
2013 Marianne Meyer
2013 Amanda Mitchell
2013 Jose Gil
2013 Victor Valle
2014 Jose Gil
2014 Hector Martinez
2014 Sascha Rosemond
2015 Amanda Geraldo
2015 Sonia Hurtado-Ureño
2015 Dylan Moore
2016 Sonia Hurtado-Ureño
2016 Shaya Kara
2016 Jazlynn Pastor
2017 Kalmia Beets
2017 Kiana Martinez
2017 Jazlynn Pastor
2018 Jamie Andan
2018 Crystal Jarquin
2018 Abeygail Panganiban
2019 Kai Hennings
2019 Sonja Angst
2019 Enyolli Martinez

Hilary Williams Ford Award

Recognized for her contributions and commitment to her field and the University of San Francisco, the Hilary Williams Ford Award is presented to a graduating graduate student who values social responsibility by applying gained knowledge to their field of study

Year Award Recipient
2008 Melanie Stegar
2009 Jo Ann Etorma
2010 Raymond P.R. Quirolgico
2011 Sean James O'Day Judge
2012 Jamie Evans
2013 Raminderjit Gill
2014 Gursimran "Simma" Khahera
2015 Elsie Guerrero
2016 Nina Torres
2017 Meron Semedar
2018 Sudha Krishnan
2019 Liz Lopez

Graduate Student Leadership Award

This award will be given on behalf of the Graduate Student Senate to a maximum of five graduating graduate students who have consistently worked and succeeded in enriching and impacting student life and the values of Student Life throughout their career at USF.

Year Award Recipient
2009 Felipe Dizon
2009 Danielle Duran
2009 Tiffany Wong
2010 Susan J. Gilbert-Miller
2010 Erika Snider
2010 Juliet Schiller
2011 Adrienne Angel
2011 Arash Bayatmakou
2011 Pamela Dang
2012 Marilyn Lee
2013 Clark Campagna
2013 Andrea Wise
2013 Brittany M. Coker
2013 Amy Whittaker
2013 Wilita Dennis-Park Sanguma
2014 Fraylanie Aglipay
2014 Veronica Palafox
2014 Dennis Chan
2014 Tiffany Crow
2014 Ben Mayer
2015 Jonathan Hellam
2015 Matthew Ivey
2015 Julio Oyola
2015 Alexia Thompson
2015 Maile Yee
2016 Sally Hirsch
2016 Rebecca McDowell
2016 Megan Sykes
2016 Tina Tan
2016 Sara Thorsen
2017 Frankee S. Carlson
2017 Dylan Harper
2017 Farzia Kaufman
2017 Eric Lavi
2017 Akshat Patni
2018 Jordyn Aquino
2018 Monica Paez
2018 Shun Savory
2018 Danesha Shelton
2018 Racheal Yates
2019 Catherine Abalos
2019 Tseten "Tenny" Yangdron
2019 Christopher Bernal
2019 Mitch Gurick
2019 Madhuri Mannava

Emerging Leadership Award

The Emerging Leadership Award is presented to a first-year student that has been involved on campus or the broader community and has shown an immediate impact as a leader at USF. Individuals nominated for this award strive toward continued involvement throughout their USF career.

Year Award Recipient
2011 Caroline Christ
2011 Lori Pirinjian
2011 Gabriel Junior Vaneca
2012 Hector Martinez
2012 Kristin Nagy
2012 Celina Stotler
2013 Caitlin Hurley
2013 Jaclyn Sakura Knitter
2013 Lindsey Mau
2014 Amanda Geraldo
2014 Dylan Moore
2014 Jessica Siquig
2015 Kalmia Beets
2015 Ashley Cook
2015 Cathrin Jacob
2016 Katia Juaregui
2016 Giovanna Paganini
2016 Tia Wilson
2017 Juliet Baires
2017 Ian Duke
2017 Vivian Talamantes
2018 Malia Aiello
2018 Sonja Angst
2018 Ariana Robert
2019 Mike'l Gregory
2019 Arnoldo "Arny" Valdivieso Martinez
2019 Kiana Signey


Campus Partners Awards

James F. Kenney Memorial Award

This award recognizes Jim Kenney, a student at USF in the 1950s who was born with a severe physical disability and whose joy of life and daily courage, in spite of this disability, won him the admiration and respect of all who knew him. The James F. Kenney Memorial Award is presented to an undergraduate student who has overcome difficult circumstances in their lives with grace, courage, and strength and inspires others by his or her example.

Year Award Recipient
2010 Andrew Smith
2011 Angelico Virginia Guiao
2012 Anthony Kim
2012 Aneita Panton-Seigel
2013 Audrey Rhodes
2014 Alanna De Salvo
2014 Ruth Welland
2015 Kalmia Beets
2015 Maria Poyer
2016 Alfonso Garcia
2016 Delaney Harmsen
2017 Vivian Talamantes
2017 Romeo Guerrero
2018 Grace Avila
2018 Samantha Destura
2018 Aisha Mohammed
2019 Kyleigh Locke
2019 Kristin Shaw
2019 Fitz Fitzgerald

Leo T. McCarthy Public Service Award

This award is presented to the graduating senior who, during their career at USF, worked to promote social justice through public service to create a more humane and just world. The award was established in honor of Leo T. McCarthy, recognized for his work for San Francisco and the State of California as a County Supervisor, Speaker of the Assembly, and as a three-term Lieutenant Governor who dedicated himself to those marginalized by the political process, (particularly the poor, the elderly, and farm workers). 

Year Award Recipient
2010 Freddy Gutierrez
2012 Sofia Andrade
2013 Brandon Oldham
2013 Carly Smith
2014 Melissa Lewis
2014 Marisela Esparza
2015 Alexis Stanley
2015 Ruth Welland
2016 Dylan Moore
2016 Katherine Pantangco
2017 Nichole Vasquez
2017 Sonia Hurtado Ureño
2018 Crystal Vega
2019 Reyna Brown

President's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (PACSW) Gender Justice Award

This award may be granted to USF students who have demonstrated ongoing and creative commitment to the promotion of gender justice.

Year Award Recipient
2015 Undergraduate Recipients: Alex Binsfeld-Debus & Nico Cabanayan
2015 Graduate Recipient: Nolizwe Nondabula
2016 Undergraduate Recipient: Nichole Martinez
2016 Graduate Recipient: Jason Gant
2017 Undergraduate Recipient: Grace Berg 
2017 Graduate Recipient: Kristen Koito Minami
2018 Undergraduate Recipient: Jaime dos Santos
2018 Graduate Recipient: Nina Crump
2019 Undergraduate Recipient: Sage Hapke
2019 Graduate Recipient: Joanna Villegas