Student Leadership Conference

Power In a Voice

Saturday, November 9
11:00am - 3:00pm
McLaren Complex

About the Theme

We live in a world comprised of various cultures, perspectives and beliefs yet are still expected to live by certain social norms*. While social norms may be widely accepted, they also have the power to suppress cultures, perspectives, and beliefs. This power only grows stronger as individuals remain silent. This is why it is important to stand up for what you believe in. 

This year’s conference theme, “Power in a Voice”, explores the roles of power, identity, and advocacy to equip individuals with tools, experiences, and motivation to use their voices. After all, it only takes one leader to make an impact in the world.

*Social norms are accepted behaviors that individuals are expected to conform to.

Conference Schedule

Time Location Description
10:30am - 11:00am McLaren Complex Check-in
10:30am - 11:15am McLaren Complex Brunch
11:00am - 11:30am McLaren Complex Opening Activities
11:30am - 12:30pm McLaren Complex Keynote Address: Mariah Parker
12:45pm - 1:25pm Fromm Hall & Kalmanovitz Programming Block 1
1:30pm - 2:15pm Fromm Hall & Kalmanovitz Programming Block 2 
12:45pm - 2:15pm Fromm Hall & Kalmanovitz Institute Block
2:30pm - 2:45pm McLaren Complex Closing Activities
2:45pm - 3:15pm McLaren Complex Dessert Networking Reception

Programming Information 

We are seeking programs that focus on the role of power, identity, and/or advocacy in leadership. Here is what we mean by each:

  • Power
    • We are seeking program proposals that help students better understand the ways in which power shows up in our day-to-day life. What does power look like? How is power used? How is power gained or lost? Program proposals should help examine types of power, its role in leadership, or ethical use.
  • Identity
    • Identity is about who we are. What makes you, you? From values to roles, from social identities to beliefs, each of us is comprised of a dynamic set of characteristics that shape our understanding of ourselves and the world’s understanding of us. Program Proposals should help attendees better understand their identities or those of others or the role of identity in leadership.
  • Voice (advocacy)
    • There is no social change without action. Voicing concerns is one strategy for social change among many others. What are the steps to create change? Where is change needed the most right now? Program proposals in this category should focus on strategies for advocacy and social change.

Program Proposal Categories

Program Proposals can represent multiple categories; however, we request that you select no more than 2 as your primary focus of the workshop. We recommend tailoring your topic to ensure participants can leave knowing they are going to gain experience, skills, and/or knowledge in a specific category.

Here is are the program categories and what we mean by each:  

Workshop: Engagement in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject that allows participants to practice skills and share knowledge. 

Lecture: Educational talk that shares information and knowledge. 

Panel: A moderated discussion that shares knowledge and expertise from select individuals. 

Roundtable Discussion:  A moderated discussion that shares knowledge and expertise among all participants.

Other: Have another way of engaging others in leadership development? Share your program design information using the Program Proposal Template!

Download the Program Proposal Template Here!

Program Proposal Timeline

Program Proposal Deadline: Friday, October 4 by 5:00pm PST
Notifications: Friday, October 9 by 5:00pm PST

Registration Information 

The Student Leadership Conference is FREE for all USF students (undergraduate & graduate) as well as staff and faculty. To attend the conference, you must complete the online registration process. Review the timeline below to ensure you do not miss your chance to participate in this year's conference!

Online registration opens: Monday, October 21 at 8:00am
Online registration closes: Friday, November 1 at 10:00am

Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends? 
The Student Leadership Conference is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at the University of San Francisco. The conference is paid for by the ASUSF Student Activity Fee in order to subsidize the leadership development of our students. The conference also has representation from a variety of campus organizations. Campus organizations are expected to send a minimum of two representatives as part of upholding our commitment to strengthening the quality of leadership among student organizations. 

How many people attend?
Roughly 200 to 250 USF students attend our annual conference

Why are some organizations required to attend?
First, we expect that our more visible, prominent, and resourced student organizations demonstrate socially-responsible leadership practices that uphold the values and mission of our University (i.e. Magis, Cura Personalis, People for and with Others, Ad Majorem de Gloriam, and Unity of the Heart and Mind), yet there are few opportunities for students to have hands-on experience with applying values into their day-to-day practices as leaders of their organizations. The Student Leadership Conference serves as one of the premier opportunities to share and examine best practices in socially-responsible leadership within our community. We expect this of our more prominent groups who have access to these resources to demonstrate these practices as their influence often goes beyond those who have less access to resources. 

Second, the Student Leadership Conference serves as a space for campus leaders to come together to foster stronger relationships that can promote new collaborations.  Collaboration is an essential value of socially-responsible leadership that demonstrates the reality that each of us (whether as individuals or as groups) exists within a larger community that we each have a responsibility toward bettering in our mission toward social justice. Social Justice cannot be achieved if we do not have relationships the go beyond those who are part of our immediate groups and communities. Thus, by requiring each organization to send a minimum of two representatives we get closer toward that goal of building a community that is both aware of its members and feel a sense of connection and care toward them. 

Lastly, the Student Leadership Conference engages participants in a series of events that promote a stronger awareness of self in relation to others. Self-Awareness is an essential ingredient to be an effective leader who aims to be socially responsible in their leadership practice. Our annual conference offers experiences that encourage participants to examine who they are in relation to the world around them. Leadership is often thought of an individual endeavor, when in fact leadership is actually found in the space between self and others. As a department, we are committed to offering programs that promote self-awareness to better manage oneself in relation to others while in pursuit of making USF, and the world, a better place. 

How much does registration cost? 
Undergraduate, Graduate, Staff, and Faculty have subsidized registration through the ASUSF Student Activity Fee. At this time, the conference is only open to members of the USF community. If interested in attending or collaborating, please contact Student Leadership and Engagement at: