2016 Student Leadership Conference

The Student Leadership Conference provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and practice, network with others, and expand on their personal and professional development. This year's conference theme is The Lens of Leadership: #NoFilter

Lens: Something that facilitates and influences perception, comprehension, or evaluation. 

Leadership: A relational process of people working together to accomplish change or to make a difference that will benefit the common good. 

Filter: Used to hold back elements or modify the appearance of something. 

Focus: Adjustment for distinct vision.

This 2016 Student Leadership Conference theme uses the metaphor of photography to help unpack each of our understandings of what leadership means. Using the terminology above, it becomes clear to see that each of our understandings of leadership is influenced by lenses, filters, and focus. The goal of the conference is to look beyond traditional notions of leadership by focusing on our own lenses and filters.

By participating in this year's conference, you will have the opportunity hear and engage in a dialogue with Natalie Warne, attend 3 programming sessions, and hear from current USF students who are making a difference here on campus and beyond. 

This conference is FREE to all students at the University of San Francisco! 

Programming Sessions

Each of our Programming Sessions are themed to a category. Conference attendees will have the option of selecting which programs they would like to attend. During each programming session, there will be a variety of programs that are tailored toward leadership development in the following three (3) areas: 

Lenses: Programs that are labeled as "Lenses" focus on how we define leadership and the various factors that influence how each of us understand leadership. Programs in this category may include topics like: Media, Culture, Societal Systems, Identity, Personal Narratives of Leadership, Paradigms/Theories of Leadership, and so forth. 

Filters: Programs that are labeled as "Filters" focus on communication tools and skills that we can use to more effectively collaborate with other people . Programs in this category may include topics like: Conflict Management Styles, Common Dysfunctions of a Team, Difficult Conversations, Brave Space, Feedback Approaches, Self-Care Practices to Prevent Burnout, Reflection Techniques, and so forth. 

Focus: Programs that are labeled as "Focus" focus on strategies for finding greater clarity to your life and your purpose. Programs in this category may include topics like: Vision Planning, Time/Priority Management, Personal Mission Statements, Goal Setting, Values Clarification, Social Movements/Causes, Tips for Personal Change, and so forth. 

See a full list of Programs being offered in each of our programming sessions: