End of Semester Spring 2019 Student Employment Announcements

Student Employee Evaluations

The performance evaluation process is an important part of any employment experience. More often than not, formal or even casual performance evaluations that are thoughtful and complete benefit the supervisor and the employee, facilitating greater investment in the work being performed and the results being sought.

The one-page Student Employment Performance Evaluation form is a helpful template for preparing and completing an evaluation/appraisal of your student employee. In the weeks ahead, please plan to meet with your employee(s), using this form or another format of your choosing, to review past performance and to set goals and strategies for the remainder of the semester and/or the year ahead. Completed performance reviews can be scanned and emailed to Stuemp@usfca.edu by May 20th.

Using Paid Sick Leave

Student employees accrue 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, up to 72 hours. This benefit allows a student to avoid forgoing wages for scheduled hours that were not worked due to illness or injury or the necessity to care for a family member who is ill or injured. Accrued paid sick leave hours are not paid out upon separation and not paid out upon completion of the academic year.


May 20 Auto-Termination: Federal Work Study and Graduating Students

With the role out of USFWorks, Student Employment has updated our auto-termination process so as to only impact Federal Work Study (FWS) and graduating senior student assignments.

All student assignments for graduating seniors and assignment designated as Federal Work Study will be automatically terminated by Student Employment on May 20th.

All other student assignments will be processed via the Spring 2019 End of Semester JM Org. Check (explained below the Summer Hire Process).

What you need to know:

  • If your current FWS or graduating senior student employee should remain on payroll after May 20, you may request to have the student’s assignment excluded from the May 20 auto termination. In order to do so, please send an email with the students name, position, and CWID to stuemp@usfca.edu by May 10th. If the student had a FWS role, it will be converted to non-FWS.
  • Students are allowed to work in student roles for one full length semester after graduating. Those that graduate in May can work until the start of the fall semester, those who graduate at the end of summer can work until the end of the fall semester, and those who graduate in December can work until the end of the Spring Semester.
  • Student with FWS for the 2019-2020 academic year can be rehired into a FWS role in August, with the start date of FWS being August 21st.
  • Summer employees may continue on payroll into the Fall 2019 semester without interruption unless the student will not be enrolled in a degree program for the Fall 2019 semester or if they are a May 2019 graduate.
  • Student who have graduated but work the semester after graduation will be terminated at the end of that semester by Student Employment.

Summer Hire Process

Are you hiring students for the Summer Semester? This starts with creating a job requisition. A job requisition allows your job to be posted to the job board and for students to be hired into the position. This will save you time and energy when you select the students who will be working for you in the summer. You can find a guide below:
Job Requisition Training Document

What should you do if the student you want to work in the summer is already in your JM Org? Well in that case, you can make sure they’re in the right job by completing the Spring 2019 End of Semester Org Check (directions below)

Spring 2019 End of Semester Org. Check

All JM Org managers are required to do an End of Semester Org Check. This is to make sure that you have the correct students reporting to you in your JM Orgs over the summer (and into the fall). We know this is a new implementation by the Student Employment Office, and we’re here to support you if you have questions in regards to the process.

Rather than a flurry of EPAFS, managers will now be able to keep most students in their same roles (excluding Federal Work Study position and graduating students) from the spring all the way through the fall semester and beyond if the student is staying in the same role. If their role is changing, a Change Job process should be done, and if they are not continuing to work for you, they should be terminated/have their additional job ended. The process is explained in the diagram below.

Please note, this process only applies to students who are not in a FWS position/not graduating. Auto-termination (described above) applies to FWS positions and graduating students.

Minimum Wage Increase, July 1st 2019

Effective July 1, 2018 the San Francisco city minimum wage will increase from $15/hour to $15.59/hour. Please take the new minimum wage into account when planning your student employment budgets for the year ahead.

Student Employment will be increasing all student roles who are paid below this threshold up to that threshold for compliance by July 1st.

Summer Employment Maximum Hours

Through the end of the Spring 2019 semester, eligible student employees are limited to 25 (US students)/20 (international students) hours per week. After May 20th, All student employees may work up to 35 hours per week. This extension of hours applies through the summer period until August 21st for all summer student employees.

Graduating International Student Employees

USF students who have an F-1 or J-1 Student Visa have a 60-day grace period to stay in the United States after completing the program of study. This is a time to prepare for departure and enjoy a last few days touring the United States. Continued student employment is not permitted during this time although some students may use Optional Practical Training (OPT), if eligible, with outside organizations.

The 60-day grace period begins on the program end date documented on the student's I-20. Student Employment tracks this date and contacts employers of graduating student employees in advance, with a notification to prepare to end employment. Notifications will be sent to employers of graduating international student employees at the start of May.

Questions or suggestions? Contact your Student Employment Team!

Office Phone: 415-422-6770
Office Email: stuemp@usfca.edu

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