Fall 2019 Hiring Newsletter

Work Clearances

Paper work clearances ended with the launch of USFWorks. A student is cleared for work when they have finished their onboarding.

As a manager, you can track where your students are in onboarding via the Onboarding Status Summary Report. You can access this report by typing " Onboarding Status Summary " into the USFWorks search bar, clicking into the report, and then selecting your JM Organization.

Hiring Federal Work Study Students

For a student employee to be a federal work study student, they must be hired or transferred into a Federal Work Study Job Profile (JC7017-JC7021 / JC7024, JC7025). Requests can be sent to our email (Stuemp@usfca.edu) to make these changes for qualified students.

To confirm if the student has an award, the student will need to access the MyUSF student self service portal. Once there, they can click into the financial aid information and then view their awards.

Fall Hire Process

Are you hiring students for the Fall Semester? To hire new candidates, you will start with creating a job requisition. A job requisition allows your job to be posted to the job board and for students to be hired into the position. This will save you time and energy when you select the students who will be working for you in the summer. You can find a guide below:
Job Requisition Training Document

What should you do if the student you want to work in the fall is already in your JM Org? Well in that case, you can make sure they’re in the right job by completing the Fall 2019 Semester Start JM-Org Check (directions below)

Fall 2019 Semester Start JM-Org. Check

All JM Org managers are required to do occasional Semester Org. Checks. This is to make sure that you have the correct students reporting to you in your JM Orgs for the current and upcoming semesters. We know this is still a relatively new implementation by the Student Employment Office, and we’re here to support you if you have questions in regards to the process.

Rather than a flurry of EPAFS, managers will now be able to keep most students in their same roles (excluding Federal Work Study position and graduating students) between semesters, over summer, and beyond if the student is staying in the same role. If their role is changing, a Change Job process should be done, and if they are not continuing to work for you, they should be terminated/have their additional job ended. The process is explained in the diagram below.

August 13th Student Employment Help Session

Our office will be hosting a Student Employment Help Session in the Gleeson Library from 1:30pm-3:30pm on Tuesday, August 13th. This is a drop-in event, so come by any time for assistance!

Delegation (formerly known as "proxies")

Certain tasks within USFWorks can be delegated to other employees within your hierarchy tree. To learn how, check out this resource.

Using Paid Sick Leave

Student employees accrue 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, up to 72 hours. This benefit allows a student to avoid forgoing wages for scheduled hours that were not worked due to illness or injury or the necessity to care for a family member who is ill or injured. Accrued paid sick leave hours are not paid out upon separation and not paid out upon completion of the academic year.

Minimum Wage Increase, July 1st 2019

Effective July 1, 2018 the San Francisco city minimum wage was increased from $15/hour to $15.59/hour. Please take the new minimum wage into account when planning your student employment budgets for the year ahead.

All student positions had their minimums increased on July 1st via USFWorks processes. However, job requisitions that were created with a hiring rate under $15.59 will have the lower compensation still active. By doing a compensation change on the job requisition, you can update it to the higher rate. Student Employment is also checking all hires and raising their wages during hiring to $15.59 if needed.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact out office.


Questions or suggestions? Contact your Student Employment Team!

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