Health insurance is an investment in your well-being and peace of mind.


PopulationRegistered forRequirement
U.S. citizens and permanent residents, living off campus1-5 credit hoursAre NOT automatically enrolled and charged for insurance. Eligible to purchase USF- Sponsored health insurance plan online
U.S. citizens and permanent residents, living off campus6 credit hours or moreRequired. Automatically enrolled and charged for insurance (excluding visiting students, certificate programs, and online programs)
U.S. citizens and permanent residents, living on campusAny number of credit hoursRequired. Automatically enrolled and charged for insurance


The deadline to waive or enroll in the student health insurance plan is February 1, 2016.

Graduate students who are required to have health insurance and all graduate International Students will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the USF-sponsored health insurance plan.

For more information on the USF-sponsored health insurance plan, including benefits, cost, and claims, visit Student Health Plan.

Graduate students who wish to voluntarily enroll in the USF-Sponsored health insurance plan online can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Health Insurance Enrollment Request Form.
  2. Complete all the necessary information.
  3. Attach supporting documents.
  4. And Submit.

Please allow HPS 72 hours to review your documents and contact you about the next steps.

    Opt Out Criteria

    Students who already have a health insurance plan comparable to or better than the USF- Sponsored health insurance may petition to waive the health insurance requirement. Students are expected to maintain comparable health insurance coverage at all times during their waiver period. However, if a student’s health coverage is dropped, it is the student’s responsibility to contact Health Promotion Services to discuss their options at or 415.422.5797. Students who waive their health insurance in the Fall semester, do not need to waive in the Spring semester.

    Criteria for waiving the health insurance requirement:

    • Health plan must be provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States, with a U.S claims payment office and phone number.
    • Health plan must provide an unlimited policy year maximum.
    • Health plan must pay at least 80% of covered medical expenses (80/20 co insurance).
    • Health plan must have an annual out of pocket maximum of $6,350(individual)/$12,700(family) or less.
    • Health plan must provide access to Medical care (including primary care office visits,routine health examinations, and preventative care) within 20 miles of your campus. City health insurance plans(i.e Healthy San Francisco, Contra Costa County.ect.) do not meet USF insurance requirements.
    • Health plan must cover hospital stay for all medical, surgical, and mental health/substance abuse conditions without limitations.
    • Health plan must provide unlimited doctor office visits(primary care visits) for medical and mental health.

    Instructions on how to submit the waiver:

    1. Go to the waiver application on the Aetna Navigator Member Website.
    2. Follow the prompts to enter all the necessary information for your waiver.
    3. Scroll down and click on "Waive: Student Health Insurance Plan."
    4. Follow the prompts to enter all the necessary information for your waiver.


    • The waiver/enrollment deadline for the Spring 2016 semester is Monday, Febuary 1 at 5pm.

    Health Promotion Services

    2130 Fulton Street
    University Center, Fifth Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94117

    Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm

    Tel: (415) 422-5797
    Fax: (888) 471-2290

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