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Business Hours:

Monday through Friday 

8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M

University Center,
5th Floor
2130 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94117-1045
Tel: (415) 422-6824

This site lists tutorial videos for StarRez Web users at USF. More edits to this page are forthcoming...

Getting Started with StarRez Web v.10.0

Tutorial Video
Who Should Watch?
IntroductionWhat is StarRez?Everyone 
Welcome to version 10.0
General NavigationEntry ManagerSearching for residentsEveryone
Filters & Dynamic ListsSmarter searchEveryone
How to Read a Booking
Advanced NavigationOccupancy GraphVisualize rooms & reservations

Front Desk, Central, A/RDs 

EmailSending EmailEveryone
ReportingReporting BasicsGathering dataCentral, Finance 
Reporting FoundationsRunning reportsCentral, Finance
Standard ReportsTemplated reportsCentral, Finance
DashboardsIntroduction to DashboardsUsing data in the best way possibleEveryone 
Using DashboardsGather insights quickly and efficientlyEveryone

Advanced Functions in StarRez Web

Tutorial Video
Who Should Watch?
ApplicationsAdvanced Navigation Customer Service, Central
BookingsCheck in & Check OutFront Desk 
Courtesy RoomsHow to book emergency-use roomsA/RDs, Front Desk, Central 
ResidentsEntry ProfileRAs, Customer Service, Central
Follow up with AgreementsCreate harmony between roommatesA/RDs, RAs
Conversation NotesDocumenting 1-on-1's with residentsA/RDs, RAs
AccountAdvanced NavigationHow to read a balanceCentral, Finance 
Front DeskResources / EquipmentInventory for your front deskFront Desk 
Key CardsLock out cards & temp cardsFront Desk 
Task & Talk LogCommunicating with Front Desk
Maintenance & FaciltiesRoom Inspection at Check InA/RDs, RAs 
Room Inspection at Check OutA/RDs, RAs

USF Rooms Portal Videos

Tutorial Video
Who Should Watch?
Basic Portal FunctionsMessagingReceiving & sending portal mailStudents
Update DetailsStudents
Housing ApplicationHow to Submit ApplicationStudents 
How to Cancel ApplicationStudents 
Meal PlanStudents, Residents 
Room SelectionResidents 
RoommatesRoommate SelectionStudents, Residents
Roommate AgreementsSelf-selecting or auto-pairingResidents
Occupancy & VacancyRoom AvailabilitySee room vacancyStudents, Residents 
Room Shop & SwapResidents 
Request Empty BedResidents 
WaitlistStudents, Residents 
Maintenance & FacilitiesRoom Inspection Residents

USF Rooms Test Accounts

Type of User
User Function
ApplicantGeneral Applicant55500002BwD9i4ZG 
General Applicant55500003DuWNV1il 

Floor Plans

Lone Mountain
Pacific Wing
Loyola Village
Pedro Arrupe
2nd Floor1st Floor2nd Floor2nd Floor1st FloorA  1st Floor1st Floor 1st Floor
3rd Floor2nd Floor3rd Floor3rd Floor2nd FloorA  2nd Floor2nd Floor2nd Floor 
4th Floor3rd Floor4th Floor4th Floor 3rd FloorA  3rd Floor3rd Floor3rd floor 
5th Floor4th Floor5th Floor5th FloorA  4th Floor4th Floor4th Floor 
5th Floor6th Floor6th FloorB  1st Floor5th Floor 
6th Floor7th Floor7th FloorB  2nd Floor6th Floor
7th Floor8th floorB  3rd Floor7th Floor
8th Floor9th FloorB  4th Floor

Specification Documents

Normalizing Housing Operations

Project Proposal, Version 2.0 

Dashboard User Guide

Version 1.0

SQL Procedure

Version 1.0 

Email Scheduler

Version 1.0 


Version 1.0