Families & Youth in Transition

The Families & Youth in Transition (FYIT) program is a partnership between USF and the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). This partnership places USF graduate and undergraduate students as tutors in schools and after-school programs to work with students who are in transition within the city of San Francisco. These students range from K-12th grade and tutors work with them in all subjects.

A link to the job description is provided below. Students who are interested in applying to FYIT should first read the job description and qualifications as well as the hiring process information. FYIT is currently accepting applications for the Spring 2017 semester. Please note applications will be reviewed in January 2017.

More Information:

Seeking to eliminate academic barriers of homeless students, the Families & Youth in Transition (FYIT) Program was created in 1990 by the McKinney Vento Act. It provides a number of services including in-school tutoring; enthusiastic and dedicated USF undergraduates have worked closely with transitional students at schools across San Francisco. Without a stable home, homeless students often lag behind academically and dependable tutors encourage their success. Shoka Marafat, a second year Psychology major, tutors at Galieo Science Academy twice a week. She says, “I like to know that my time is being spent for a good cause and that I’m helping my community." Shoka supports her students on their English assignments, creating games and lessons that promote their growth and development. “They are wonderful, kind, and smart kids, I love every moment with them!”

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