USF Pathlight

USF Pathlight is a mobile tracking app designed to give peace of mind and increase student safety by offering a quick and easy "virtual escort". Still in the testing phase, it is intended for situations where a student typically wouldn’t request an in-person escort because they are traveling such a short distance (e.g., from a building to a parked car or from a library to a residence hall), but would like having a Public Safety Officer available at the touch of a button… just in case.

How it Works

  • Pathlight screenshotBefore using USF Pathlight you must first download the Pathlight application to your iPhone or Android phone. After the download is complete, you will need to authenticate your mobile device.
  • Once you have authenticated your mobile device, you will be directed back to the Pathlight application. (You may need to click on the Home button to launch Pathlight If using an Android phone.) Allow Pathlight to use your location by clicking on OK.
  • Next, fill in the required information (i.e., how long it will take you to reach your destination and where it is you are going) for your journey and click on Follow Me Now.
  • If you walk the same route in future, simply click on Saved locations (or the Destination drop-down arrow for some Android phones).
  • Should you need more time to reach your destination, click on Extend 5 minutes. If you feel you need immediate assistance, SLIDE FOR HELP and a Public Safety Officer immediately will be dispatched to your location.
  • When you arrive at your destination, click I Have Arrived Safely. (If you do not acknowledge that you have arrived safely at your destination, you will receive an email notification that reads, "Your Pathlight escort has expired. If you are safe go to Pathlight and choose "I have arrived safely"." If you still do not acknowledge your safe arrival, a Public Safety Officer immediately will be dispatched to your location.) This ends your virtual safety escort session and Public Safety Dispatch no longer is aware of your location.
  • *For step-by-step instructions (with visual aids) on how to authenticate your mobile device and how to use USF Pathlight, click here if you own an Android phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Public Safety Dispatch watching me when I am not using the service?
    No. It is impossible for any application to watch you unless you click "Allow" or "OK" when prompted to do so. Android and Apple operating systems always alert you when an app is using your location.

    What does clicking the "Help" button do?
    By pushing the "Help!" button, Public Safety Dispatch will know your exact location and immediately will send officers to you.

    If I do not click "I have arrived safely" before the timer runs out, what will happen?
    As if you pushed the "Help!" button, Public Safety Officers immediately will be sent to your location.

    How long will it take a Public Safety Officer to reach me if I do not arrive at my destination or if I click the "Help!" button?
    It depends on where the officer is located in relation to where you are when you click "Help!" and therefore it is impossible to estimate when they will arrive. However, "Help!" button signals are treated the same as a 2911 call and receive the highest priority.

    During what days/times may I use Follow Me?
    You may use the service any time, 24/7.

    Can I still call for an in-person escort if I feel unsafe?
    YES! USFpathlight is meant to supplement common safety precautions, not replace them. It simply allows you to have a virtual safety escort for when you are traveling short distances and typically wouldn't call for an in-person escort, which you always can request if you feel unsafe. Visit Public Safety's Crime Prevention page for additional safety information.

    Should I still walk with others, even if I use Follow Me?
    YES! USFpathlight is meant to supplement common safety precautions, not replace them. Traveling in groups is always safer than traveling alone. Visit Public Safety's Crime Prevention page for additional safety information.

    Screenshot: Pathlight map

    USF Pathlight

    "I think Pathlight is a fabulous tool that the University is offering its community members." - CM

    "I think it's a wonderful program. It makes me feel safe when I'm traveling at night." - KA

    "Pathlight is a great tool for new students in the city to feel safe and secure, no matter what time of day (or night) they need to be out." - IG

    "It provides the user easy access to the time required to get to their destination, while begin monitored by a program that could easily alert Public Safety if there is possible danger." - CE

    We would love to know what you think of Pathlight. Please click to leave feedback about the service.

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