How to Join

What student organizations exist at USF?

There are over 100 student organizations at USF. The focus of these clubs ranges from academic to cultural to service to social to special interest.

Why should I join a student organization?

Student organizations provide exciting opportunities to develop leadership, network, make new friends, acquire new skills, plan events, give back to the community, and connect to the USF community. Student organizations are the heart of campus involvement at USF.

How do I join?

The OrgSync Student Organization Directory compiles all of the school's student organizations and their respective information in a search engine. Each organization page lists a summary, the general email, and its president's email. Send an email to the organization contact to learn more about how to get involved.

What if there isn't a student organization for me?

The wide variety of organizations would make it difficult not to find one of interest. But if not, you can always start your own. Talk with a Peer Advisor in the SLE Office to start the process.

Where can I find out more about clubs and organizations?

Check out the Involvement Fairs that are held at the beginning of each semester. All student organizations are represented and members are available to chat with you. You can also stop by the SLE office (UC 4th Floor) and talk with one of our Peer Advisors.

For a listing of student organizations at USF, visit the OrgSync Student Organization Directory.