USF in Shanghai

Fudan TEAN Students

*USF in Shanghai is offered exclusively to USF students who are Chinese nationals and are currently in China due to COVID-19 and US visa delays*

USF has over 300 Chinese international undergraduate students and your academic success and student experience is paramount for us.  We are planning with your health, safety, and academic success in mind. We have heard from many of you about the challenges of managing your classes remotely and have created this unique program as an alternative for our Dons living in China. The USF in Shanghai program will help you stay on track this fall as well as gain a cohort of peers and connection to USF.

Students in the program will: 

  • Study alongside other USF international students on a university campus in China.
  • Complete in-person and online courses that will count towards their USF degree.
  • Engage with USF students and faculty via virtual events.
  • Spend the semester in a safe and healthy environment with COVID-19 protocols in place.

Overview: USF has partnered with The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) to offer a customized 'Study in Shanghai' program based at Fudan University. Fudan University is consistently ranked in the top three universities in China, in the top 45 universities globally, and number one university in Shanghai based on the QS World University Rankings 2019. Students take classes in the Yangpu District, north of Shanghai’s City Center, at Fudan’s School of Business and a newer building on the new South Fudan campus (National Science Park of Fudan University). USF has had a strong partnership with TEAN for many years in Study Abroad.

Curriculum: USF students will take two to three in-person courses (three credits each) taught at Fudan by Fudan University faculty and two courses online and remotely from USF’s fall course offerings. The Fudan University classes are pre-approved to transfer back to USF for core or general elective units, and some courses may be approved for major or minor credit.

Student Life: Student's will have access to TEAN’s Shanghai Resident Director and local staff for support throughout the semester as well as other custom programming through USF. Upon acceptance into the program, students will be provided with local housing information. USF can connect students with other students in the program to find accommodation together if desired. Fudan University offers  on-campus study spaces for students to use for both their Fudan and USF classes, including access to the campus internet.


Meet some of the USF in Shanghai Spring 2021 Cohort: Students participating in the USF in Shanghai program share their interests and why they love USF.

Apply Now: Spaces for this program are limited and students should apply now to show their interest. Priority will be given to students who are currently outside of the US and are not able to enter due to entry restrictions.  Deadline for applications is Monday, May 10.


USF in Shanghai FAQs

All USF students currently living in China are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to Chinese passport holders who do not have a valid US visa and are not able to travel to the U.S. due to entry restrictions. 

Continuing F-1 students with an active SEVIS record will be able to maintain their F-1 status while enrolled full-time (at least 12 units) in this program. New students who have not entered the US yet, will remain in initial F-1 status and have their I-20 start date updated.

Students with an F-1 visa that will be valid when they next enter the US, do not need to apply for a new visa. Continuing F-1 students with an Active SEVIS record can apply for their new F-1 visa at any time. New F-1 students, or students returning from a Leave of Absence, can apply for their F-1 visa up to 120 days before their I-20 start date. More information on the visa application process can be found here.

Yes, all eligible students need to apply.  Students who are currently participating in the USF in Shanghai program during Spring 2021 need to apply for Fall 2021.

AEM students have to confer with the AEM Director ( about how many credits they will need for AEM courses in the Fall, which will determine how many courses they can take with Fudan. All AEM courses count as credit-bearing elective courses towards their graduation total. 

The Fudan courses will be taught by Fudan faculty and will be in Mandarin, English, and bilingual. USF courses will be taught online and remotely by USF faculty in English.

You are required to enroll in two USF online or remote course.  The number of courses enrolled with USF will vary, depending on other considerations such as your major/minor curriculum requirements.  You should review Shanghai in-person courses and USF’s Fall 2021 online and remote course offerings in relation to your graduation plan. Then speak with your academic advisor about the courses and review your graduation plan. Once you know the courses you need to take to complete your degree requirements, it will help determine which courses to take while in Shanghai.  Be sure to choose 2-3 alternate courses with your advisor in the event your first choice is not available. We will work with students who are accepted into the program to complete a Petition to Enroll in Another Institution (PEAI) form for the course equivalencies.

Arts and Sciences students should contact their assigned academic advisors. School of Management students can contact for course advising.

Several of the Fudan courses have been evaluated by USF’s Transfer Credit Office and CASA to fulfill certain core requirements and equivalent courses (noted by the course title), and many will be general elective units.  Course descriptions and syllabi are linked below. It is important to have alternate courses in case of a time conflict between your USF remote courses and the courses in Shanghai.  The language of instruction is indicated next to the course title below. Courses listed below are the only courses approved for USF students to select from Fudan’s offerings.  Additional courses may be added.  Please check this website for updates.

For School of Management  majors or minors - please be advised:
The following selection of business courses identified with an asterisk * WILL NOT count towards degree requirements and will count as ELECTIVE CREDITS ONLY:

Students selected for the USF in Shanghai program are advised to review Shanghai in-person courses and USF’s Fall 2021 online and remote course offerings in relation to their graduation plan. They should then consult with their major academic advisor about degree requirements and proposed USF remote course schedule and courses in the USF in Shanghai program. Several of the Fudan courses have been pre-evaluated to fulfill certain core requirements and equivalent courses, and many will be general elective units. These evaluations are noted by the course titles in the section above. 

Students are required to complete the online PEAI form which is the official approval process to evaluate the Fudan courses taken in Shanghai.  Students must list three to four preferred Shanghai in-person courses and also include 2-3 alternative courses in case their preferred courses become unavailable. They must also include course descriptions, which are linked to the courses in the section above.  

Students need to select study abroad on the form so it may be routed to the Center for Global Education for approval. The online PEAI form will automatically be sent to the following offices for approval: Center for Global Education, USF Transfer Office (Registrar’s), Major Department Chair, and CASA Dean.   

In addition to completing the online PEAI form, students must also register for a full course load (12 to 18 credits) in USF Fall 2021 remote courses to ensure they have the courses they prefer while reviewing the course selection in Shanghai.  We will contact students after registration and securing the classes they need in Shanghai to make any necessary adjustments to their USF courses.  

The course catalog lists different modalities to indicate if the course will be in-person or if it can be taken remotely. Read the different modalities descriptions here. If you plan to enroll in the USF in Shanghai program and will be outside of the US you will want to register for classes that are listed as Remote, Online, or Hyflex. If you have additional questions about your course selection, contact your Academic Adviser. Note that these classes are limited.

Here are the instructions to register for Fall 2021 USF courses:

Students must ensure that they do not have any holds which will prevent registering in USF courses:

Students have until May 28 to register for Fall 2021 USF remote courses.  After May 28, registration will close for continuing students; registration will then reopen on July 6 and continue until August 30.  New students can register throughout this period until August 30.

Upon the acceptance to the program and the completion of your PEAI-- when it has received all the required approvals (Center for Global Education, USF Transfer Office (Registrar’s), Major Department Chair, and CASA Dean)-- the Center for Global Education will contact you to confirm your participation and add you to the USF in Shanghai program (6-9 credits) in Banner self-service as part of your USF Fall 2021 registration and assist you with dropping a specified course, if necessary, to remain within the 18 credits limit.

In mid-June, you will be provided with instructions to create a student profile with TEAN in order to gain access to login and register for your courses in Shanghai.  

USF in Shanghai--Fudan University courses will open for registration around August 12, 2021.  You will need to use the login and follow instructions provided by TEAN and register for three to four preferred courses at that time; be prepared with your alternate courses in case your first choices are not available. Only select and register for the courses that have been pre-approved on your PEAI. 

The two to three courses selected at Fudan are part of your full-time course load at USF.  You will be billed for USF’s full-time tuition through your USF student account and payment is made to USF.

You can select up to three classes from Fudan University. The program covers the cost of up to three classes at Fudan, and USF will accept up to three Fudan classes to transfer back to USF.  You are required to enroll in one to two USF online or remote course.  The number of courses enrolled with USF may vary, depending on other considerations such as your major/minor curriculum requirements.

Students will have a half-day orientation and Fudan campus area tour with TEAN’s Resident Director on September 3.

Students in this program would follow both academic calendars, beginning their USF classes on August 24 and their Fudan classes on September 5.

University of San Francisco
Classes begin: August 24, 2021
Exams begin: December 10, 2021
End of semester: December 16, 2021

Fudan University*
Orientation: September 3, 2021
Classes begin: September 5, 2021
Exams begin: TBA
End of semester: January 7, 2022

*Program dates will mirror the current published Fudan University Fall calendar which could change given local conditions or responses to COVID-19 or other factors.

TEAN will provide a list of recommended housing options for students after acceptance into the program to organize independently. You’ll meet TEAN’s Shanghai Resident Director and local staff. They can provide off-campus housing information and connect you with other students who might be looking for accommodation in Shanghai. On-campus housing will not be available.