Summer Immersions

Arrupe Justice Summer Immersions

The Arrupe Justice Immersion Program works with a variety of faculty and organizations to provide intensive summer and intersession programs (2 -4 weeks) for USF students. These programs are both local and international, and focus on social justice via core Jesuit components.

The Arrupe Justice Immersions are global opportunities for USF students to learn and be in solidarity with people living on the margins in terms of social, economic, political and environmental status. 

The immersion programs educate for solidarity within a globalized world and to experience the "nitty-gritty reality of that world" by combining academic, experiential, and reflective experiences that are based on the Jesuit ideal of observing, reflecting, analyzing, and acting (The Circle of Praxis).

Applications are due on March 4th.

*Students are eligible for the Pedro Claver SJ scholarship that covers
up to 50% of the tuition charges. For more information contact the class professor or Kique Bazan at

Culture and Environment in Sitka, Alaska (4 Units)

Dates TBD
Prof. Gerard Kuperus

This course examines the relationship between culture and the environment in the unique island setting of Sitka, Alaska. The course will contrast and compare "Native American" and "Western" philosophies of nature. We will immerse ourselves in these philosophies by studying the area's terrestrial and marine environments and by specifically focusing on some of the controversies surrounding the use of natural resources by the Tlingit tribe and the non-Native residents of Sitka.

Minds in Motion (Tacna, Peru)

Dates TBD
Adj. Prof. Natalie J Greene

Working closely with classroom teachers, the USF team creates a series of movement classes for 1st to 6th grades, addressing the curriculum units that each class is studying. In addition, after-school rehearsals are held daily to prepare for an end of session performance. This performance provides a culminating experience and an opportunity to celebrate the creative contribution and personal growth of everyone involved. This course emphasizes that movement and creativity creates new levels of understanding amongst people of different backgrounds and cultures

International Outreach Immersion in Nicaragua (4 units) 

Dates TBD
Prof. Hana Mori Böttger 

This class provides an opportunity for students to engage in design and planning projects in Leon, Nicaragua to best serve the needs of the partnering community. Students engage in a hands‐on building process in the community, working with local residents, business owners and partnering professionals to execute projects in the field. During this intense work period many decisions and adjustments are made, and the realities of the site and local needs are reconciled with the plans and skills of the USF group.

Tropical Restoration Ecology in Borneo, Malaysia (2 - 4 units)

Dates TBD
Prof. Gretchen Christina Coffman 

This field course is designed for both graduate and undergraduate students to learn about the practice of Ecological Restoration as well as the science of Restoration Ecology through hands on experience in restoring habitat for endangered wildlife in tropical rainforests and riparian ecosystems. In this class, we will meet and work alongside communities concerned with protecting the forest habitat, wildlife and biodiversity while preserving their own livelihood.

For more information, please visit the Center For Global Education in the University Center, 5th Floor or University Ministry, Lower Toler Hall