The Performing Arts and Social Justice Program's 20th Anniversary Festival was so extensive that is has its own pages-  check it out below.  

PASJ 20th Anniversary festival pages


Performing Arts and Social Justice 2021 Senior Projects

Graduating seniors of the Performing Arts and Social Justice program perform original short works!  

Watch the recording of the Senior Projects Conversation on Thursday, March 4th, including the presentation of the Kathi Gallagher Award below:



PASJ Mainstage: USF Dance Ensemble in (a)part/together

The arts are changing and adapting quickly in our new COVID environment.

As we continue to learn, work, minister, administer, educate, endure and stand up for justice during these complex and isolating times, the moments in which we have the opportunity to come together stand in sharp relief and provide a much needed balm for the soul.

Art, in all of its various forms, is a necessary catalyst to gather us together and lift us up.

In that spirit, USF's Performing Arts Department continues to reach out, connect and provide the USF community and the community at large with dance performances (live and prerecorded) from the USF Dance Ensemble. We hope these performances will inspire and enliven you as we all continue to do our part during these times.

Choreography by Kara Davis, Dexandro D. Montalvo, and the Dance Generators, with guest performances by Rashad Pridgen, and Kat Cole and Eric Garcia.

USF Voices presents: Seize the Day


PASJ Mainstage: Music Showcase Online

Change and possibility come during times of uncertainty. From November 3–20, music videos will be released that showcase performances created by student and faculty musicians at the University of San Francisco. These provide multiple perspectives for the times we live in now.


Faculty Producer: Byron Au Yong
Production Stage Manager: House Dow

Performing Arts Department Credits:
Chair: Megan Nicely
Director of Performance Spaces: Josh McDermott
STAGES Production Manager: Beth Hersh
Program Manager: C. Whyler Neubauer
Program Assistant: Andrea Hendrickson
Graphic Designer: Juliet Buck

About the Music Program:
The University of San Francisco Performing Arts and Social Justice (PASJ) major includes dance, music, and theater concentrations that place equal value on artistic development and cultural consciousness. Music courses are open to all USF students and performance opportunities are open to all levels of experience. In addition, students can complete the Tech & Design Certificate, which emphasizes applied learning and interdisciplinary collaboration with Art+Architecture, Film Studies, Media Studies, Performing Arts, and Physics.


PASJ Theater Mainstage: The War of the Worlds

PASJ Mainstage: The War of the Worlds

Based on the H.G. Wells classic, and adapted from the Orson Welles radio version, the University of San Francisco's Performing Arts Department presents The War of the Worlds. Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan, featuring a cast of USF students.

This production explores the relationships between fear, “fake news,” and the contradictions between fact, opinion, and the media. Students will bring the language to life through the new medium of internet video, culminating in the presentation of a recorded performance available online.

After the show, please watch the Post Show Talk Back with the Cast:


Performing Arts Department Cabaret Series

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 election, Black Lives Matter resurgence, political upheaval, immigration issues, humanitarian crises, impending climate doom, and the overall mercurial year that this has been, Performing Arts and Social Justice (PASJ) students find themselves collaborating virtually to seek connection, harbor empathy, and foster creativity that impacts viewers of all kinds with commitment to social justice and equity.


  • Production Credits

Faculty Producer Byron Au Yong

Production Designer Beth Hersh

Stage Manager House Dow

  • Department Credits

Department Chair Megan Nicely

Director of Performance Spaces Josh McDermott

Program Manager Whyler Neubauer

Program Assistant Andy Hendrickson

  • Incoming PASJ Majors

Mersaydes Barika

Mikayla Brown

Sophie Egan

Daisy Gutierrez

Kashia Her

Stephen Mondesir

Amel Murray

Malachi Perkins

Channing Ratcliff

Audrey Walker

Grace Yam

Rawan Abdalla

Elena Freiwald

Sarah Hendrickson

Joely Kaatz

Billy Locke

Jannesta Marshall

Mari Quinton

Megan Robertson

ATY Taylor-Young

Julien Trejo