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NAME___________________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________


Check Applicable Operations: 


Set Construction & Rigging




Venue Management & Maintenance


Costume & Make-up


Front of House


Special Effects


Strike & Restore


Lighting & Grip





Supervisor Name_______________________________________ Email:________________________________________________


Supervisor Instructions


• Identify the type of operations your employee,  student, or volunteer will be completing.

• Refer to the SymArts Safe Practices Matrix and identify the topics you must review with the employee/student, and provide documented on-the-job training in regard

• Check off the required topics below.

• Note the date each topic was reviewed.

• File the completed sign-off sheet and use when additional topics are added

• Review the required SymArts Safe Practices and participate in on-the-job training.

• Talk to your supervisor or instructor if you have any questions or if you do not understand the materials you are reviewing

• Enter the date on which each topic was reviewed and initial to confirm coverage.


Note: All users of USF STAGES spaces at USF must at a minimum complete the General Safety Awareness training and Review the STAGES Safety Manual.  




Date of Training/Review

Supervisor Initials


STAGES Safety Manual



General Safety Awareness


Emergency Action/Response


Electrical Safety


Hazard Communication




Slip, Trip, and Fall




Materials Handling - Lifting and Moving


Materials Handling- Loading and Unloading


Personal Protective Equipment


Respiratory Protection


Tools & Machines- General shop Safety


Tools & Machines- Hand & Powered


Tools & Machines- Saws: Table, Chop, Band etc">


Tools & Machines- Drills, Staplers, Nail guns


Lighting- Backstage and House


Audience Safety Procedures


Rigging - Fly System


Rigging - Hoists and Winches


Rigging - Ropes, Cable, Chains


Platforms and Aerial


Confined Spaces




Paint, Dyes, Inks


Fall Protection - Fixed Ladder


Fall Protection - Portable Ladder


Fall Protection - Scaffolds and Platforms


Fall Protection - Raised Stage