Hand sanitizer is available at each building entrance and disinfectant wipes are located at each classroom for use. The use of face coverings is required in all classrooms - regardless of vaccination status. 

Facilities cleaning and disinfecting


Yes. There is a combination of ventilation types in all teaching spaces. There is forced air ventilation in some rooms. Some rooms have operable windows. And some rooms have both.

The ASHRAE standards for ventilation are 1.4 air changes per hour. All teaching spaces with forced air ventilation have more than that, and some have substantially more. Spaces with only operable windows will have fresh air through the open windows.

Yes. The forced air systems have MERV 8 filters. That level of filtration is chosen so as not to decrease the amount of air changes per hour and should be optimum for the teaching spaces

Yes, all teaching spaces will be cleaned using best practices, prior to the day’s usage. During the day, sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided for use by the room occupants. Desks should be wiped down both upon entrance and exit, with tissues to be disposed properly in refuse containers. During the day, high touch areas such as door knobs and elevator panels will be wiped down by custodial staff.

Yes. Rooms with both forced air ventilation and windows, as well as rooms only with windows, should keep windows open at all times during occupancy.