Face Coverings

Face Covering

The University of San Francisco has amended its face-covering policy as follows:

  • All members of the USF community, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear face coverings while indoors on campus, with the exception of the Koret Health and Recreation Center (where masks are highly encouraged). This requirement extends to all campus locations and includes all faculty, staff, students, vendors, and guests, who enter any university building.

Exceptions to the face-covering requirement

There are several exceptions to the face-covering requirement, including:

  • People who cannot wear a face covering for health reasons, including anyone who has been advised by a medical professional not to wear a face-covering*
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing, is incapacitated, or is otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance;
  • Any worker to the extent wearing a face-covering creates a safety hazard at work under established health and safety guidelines;
  • While eating or drinking or alone in a room or a vehicle; or
  • Children 2 years old or younger.

If a student or employee cannot wear a face-covering due to a medical condition or disability, the university will work with those individuals to come up with an acceptable solution.

*Students who require an accommodation should contact Student Disability Services (SDS) at sds@usfca.edu and employees who require an accommodation should contact leaves@usfca.edu

Need a face covering?

Disposable face masks are available at either one of the parking kiosks which are located in the Memorial Gym lot or Lone Mountain during operating hours for those who are approved to be on campus and forgot a face covering.

Upon request, employees who are required to work indoors or in vehicles with more than one person may request a respirator from the University. Employees may request a respirator from Public Safety at the Lone Mountain Visitor Kiosk from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. (Monday - Friday) and after hours or on weekends by contacting Public Safety dispatch at 415-422-4201 to meet a public safety officer at that location.