COVID-19 Testing

Before you come to campus, you and all other residential students will be strongly encouraged to complete a COVID-19 test (PCR test) and receive a negative confirmation within 72 hours before your approved move-in day. If you complete a test, and receive your results, students will need to submit their results through Med+Proctor.

  • Students who test positive will be expected to report that to and are not approved to move into a university assigned space until you complete your isolation period at home. See the SFDPH guidelines for isolation for more information.
  • Students who have confirmation of a negative test will be approved to move into their designated room on their assigned move-in date.
  • If at any time while awaiting your test results, or after receiving a negative confirmation, you develop symptoms associated with COVID-19 you are required to stay home in isolation. After completing the isolation period email to report completion and receive guidance on next steps to move into your assigned residence hall space.

For those approved to move on campus, you will be expected to take a COVID-19 test after 10 days of quarantine based on your assigned move-in date.

  • If you test negative on site you will be approved to return to your assigned space.
  • If you test positive: depending on your assigned space you may be relocated to a designated isolation room to start your 10-day isolation period (as defined by SFDPH ). A university official will give you more specific information at that time. After completing the required isolation period you will be approved to move into your assigned spring EHS room.

COVID-19 Educational Training Module

All students at the University of San Francisco are required to complete the University of San Francisco COVID-19 training module through EVERFI, regardless of whether they will be coming to campus or not. This course is designed to provide students with information to protect their physical health and maintain their mental well-being. Additional information specific to policies and guidelines set forth by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the University of San Francisco is also included in this module.

Employees of the University of San Francisco are highly encouraged to complete the training as well.

Move-In Quarantine

In addition to testing, USF will rely upon students’ self-monitoring of symptoms to limit the transmission of this virus.

  • Students moving into the residence halls must complete the 10-day travel quarantine mandate for individuals moving to San Francisco set forth by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.
  • Students will self-monitor and report the presence or absence of symptoms of COVID-19 every day, beginning on the first day of return to campus.
  • Students will self-report symptoms through the Dons Health Survey. Instructions for doing so will arrive in a subsequent email to students’ USF email accounts.
  • All students must remain at home or in a designated isolation space if they are ill with COVID-19.
  • Students who are sick may contact the COVID-19 Response Team at or by calling 415-422-7637.