COVID-19 Prevention Plan

USF is required to establish and implement an effective written COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) pursuant to an Emergency Temporary Standard in place for COVID-19 (California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 8, section 3205(c)).

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Contact Tracing, Isolation, Self-Quarantine

Despite the many reasonable steps USF is taking to prevent the transmission of the virus, the presence and transmission of COVID-19 on campus is likely, if not inevitable, during this ongoing pandemic. Therefore, the university has developed protocols for contact tracing, isolating people who contract COVID-19, and helping people who become exposed to COVID-19 to self-quarantine.

  • Students who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will be required to isolate. Residential students will isolate in a space designated by USF and students residing off campus will isolate off campus.
  • Students who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will be asked to provide information about other people with whom they have been in close contact during the time when they may have been infectious and able to transmit the virus. A university contact tracer will contact students who have been identified as having an exposure and provide them with information and resources on self-quarantining and symptom-monitoring. Students are required to cooperate fully with all the university’s contact tracing efforts.
  • Campus isolation or quarantine procedures will likely require students to move to a different residence for the isolation or quarantine period. USF will provide food meal drop off and health monitoring for students isolating or quarantining.
  • Campus isolation and quarantine spaces are finite. Approaching capacity in these spaces may necessitate the University returning to full remote learning and may require a campus-wide shelter in place or require all students leave campus and return home for the remainder of the semester.

Face Coverings

All students are required to wear face coverings that completely cover mouth and nose at all times when on and off campus, in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The only times face coverings are not required are when students are (1) in their bedroom/suite/apartment with only their roommate or suite/apartment mates, (2) eating with adequate physical distancing, or (3) undertaking personal grooming.

  • USF has provided one cloth face covering to all students, free of charge. Students are expected to obtain additional face coverings as needed and to launder and care for their cloth masks according to the CDC’s instructions on use of and care for face coverings.
  • The Governor of California has issued an advisory for all people to wear face coverings in indoor and outdoor public spaces. Students should also be aware of any additional state requirements that may require the use of face coverings while out in public spaces. For information on the state’s COVID guidance, please see: Masks and PPE.

SHaRE Care Team

Student Housing and Residential Education (SHaRE) has developed the SHaRE Care Team to handle the “care” management of all students - both on-campus residential students and those living off-campus - who are in quarantine or isolation. This team consists of individuals who will be assigned a resident and conduct daily check-ins with those students to help best ensure that those students in quarantine / isolation are getting the support they need during this time. The SHaRE Care Team will work with other campus partners as needed to provide holistic support for our students.

Dons Helping Dons

Dons Helping Dons ambassadors will work in alliance with campus partners to facilitate a shift in campus life culture to nurture a sound body, mind, and spirit through Cura personalis — care of the whole person. As we navigate through the changing environment Dons Helping Dons strives to strengthen our USF community through a process of continual support, encouragement, and education.

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