At this time, the University of San Francisco is not allowing departments, programs, or offices to reserve space for employee-only events. The rise of the delta variant of COVID-19 calls for prudence, i.e., for the university to conduct as many meetings over Zoom as is reasonably possible. In addition, the university is trying to maximize the amount of space available for student groups to reserve to conduct their co-curricular activities.

No. Such purchases are not permissible at this time. Existing ventilation systems meet the guidelines for air changes per hour and filtration. The Department of Facilities Management has responsibility for maintenance, audits, and upgrades to the university's HVAC systems. More information about this department's preparations for the fall 2021 semester can be found in the reopening plan.

Plugging portable air filtration systems into your work space – particularly if many employees did so – would place an added electrical load on our systems that could prove to be unsafe. For much the same reason that the university does not allow employees to use hot pots or space heaters, it similarly cannot encourage its employees to plug in and use their own personal portable air filtration systems.