Last updated April 23, 2021


The instructor of the course will determine ways in which all activities can be accomplished for a remote course, including mailing kits to each student or accomplishing the outcomes with easily found objects.

Yes, as long as the remote classes are offered by USF.

Students will be contacted if classes are cancelled. 

Faculty members are responsible for dividing the registered students and notifying them the week prior to the beginning of classes in August. Canvas offers tools to faculty members to facilitate the within-class splitting of students into distinct cohorts. Students will rotate being remote and in-person.

Access to Technology

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with their internet, please follow these tips. Contact the ITS Help Desk if you need additional assistance.

If you have absolutely no access to WiFi or wired connection in their home, please contact the Dean of Students at deanofstudents@usfca.edu.

Fees & Tuition

Transportation Fee

Undergraduate students based at the Hilltop campus can request a waiver of the Transportation Fee if they do not have in person classes and do not live on campus for fall semester. Waiver request forms can be submitted through the Census Date on September 10, 2021 when all course registration is finalized. Students granted a Transportation Fee waiver will not be eligible for transportation services in fall semester.

ASUSF Activity Fee

The ASUSF Student Activity Fee provides undergraduate student activities, services, programs, and initiatives. All undergraduate students will be assessed the fall semester student activity fee and students not on campus will maintain access to virtual events, programs and services provided to them by their membership in ASUSF. Students will also have the ability to participate in student organizations remotely.

Student Health Insurance

Domestic students can opt out of (waive) health insurance costs by providing proof of comparable coverage by September 1, 2021. Visit Health Promotion Services to review waiver criteria.

International Students have the option to opt out of (waive) as well and should contact Health Promotion Services at +1 (415) 422-5797 or email at hps@usfca.edu with questions and waiver criteria.Waiver deadline is September 1, 2021.

August 1 is the fall semester payment due date.

In terms of dropping registration for a course tuition reversal, it depends. If you are still registered for other classes, the September 10 census date is the last day to drop a class with a refund.

August 23 is the deadline to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) or withdraw from the University with 100% tuition reversal. LOAs and withdrawals are subject to a prorated tuition reversal after this date.

Please see the USF refund policy for more details.