Vaccination Dashboard

Updated: 9/17/21

This dashboard, which will be updated regularly, shows the population of University of San Francisco students and employees who have reported their vaccination status to the university. For the data below, the following definitions apply:

  • Students: The student population registered for the fall 2021 semester at USF for all campuses as of the last updated date. This number includes both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Employees: University employees as classified as all staff, full-time faculty, and adjunct faculty.
  • Partially vaccinated: Individual has started their vaccination process but has not met the criteria for full vaccination. Exemption granted: Individual has submitted a medical or religious exemption that has been approved. Since August 12, 2021, personal exemptions were no longer approved.
  • Under Follow Up: The university is actively reaching out to these students to get their vaccination status.

How to Report

Students can report their vaccination status through Med+Proctor, while university employees may attest to their status using the university’s attestation form.