Video Tutorials

New to assessment at USF?  Need to refresh your assessment knowledge? Please feel free to use the following short videos. 


Courtesy of California State University-Long Beach

#1: What are student learning outcomes (SLOs)? (4:24)

#2: Writing student learning outcomes (4:49)

#3: Levels of student learning (5:15)

#4: Mapping student learning outcomes to the curriculum (4:14)

#5: Choosing assessment measures (3:16)

#6: Matching assessment to teaching and learning (5:15)

#7: Collecting assessment evidence (4:49)

#8: Analyzing evidence of student learning (4:24)

#9: Using evidence of student learning for program improvement (3:10)

#10: Why assess student learning? (3:01)

Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support 

Shirley McGuire, PhD 
Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

Deborah L. Panter, JD 
Director of Educational Effectiveness and Assessment | 415.422.4588

Kevin A. McLemore, PhD
Associate Director of Assessment | 415.422.4349

Shelly A. Helgeson, MPA
Assistant Director of Curriculum Management | 415.422.6296

Marisa C. McCarthy, MA
Project Manager | 415.422.2091