Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of BERT? 

  • Dr. Shannon Gary (Office of the Dean of Students) Co-chair
  • Erin Echols (Cultural Centers) Co-chair 
  • Amy Gilgan (Gleeson Library)
  • Cesar Delgadillo (Student Leadership & Engagement)
  • Gladys Perez (Diversity Engagement & Community Outreach)
  • Lia Sackett (Office of the Dean of Students)
  • Liliana Rojas (Human Resources)
  • Ria DasGupta (Faculty- School of Education)
  • Soumya Mathew (Student Housing and Residential Education)
  • Tanairy Carbo (Center for Academic and Student Achievement)
  • Torry Brouillard-Bruce (Student Housing and Residential Education)
  • William Hsu (Student Housing and Residential Education)

Who can submit a bias incident report? 


Students, faculty and staff can report an act of bias using the BERT incident report form. Any of these parties can submit a report if they were the impacted party and/or a witness to an act of bias from another community member.

If the impacted party feels in any way threatened based on an act of bias, they should contact Public Safety at (415) 422-2911 immediately.

What happens when a report is submitted?

Incidents Involving Students ONLY

Incidents involving only students are reviewed by the BERT Response Team. Based on the outcome of the investigation, if the alleged is more than likely in violation of a student code of conduct, the case is referred to The Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities for adjudication. All impacted parties are offered the opportunity to meet with a Process Advocate.

Incidents Involving Staff/Faculty and Students

Incidents involving both staff/faculty, and students are referred to the appropriate department based on the community role of the impacted or alleged parties. If the staff/faculty are the alleged party who may have committed an act of bias, the incident report is shared with Human Resources. If the alleged party is a student, the report willbe forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities. Any impacted parties (students, faculty, or staff) will be referred to a Process Advocate for additional support and resources.

What does it mean to be the impacted party? 

An impacted party is a student, faculty, or staff member who is directly or indirectly the target of bias which includes but is not limited to words, actions, and/or illustrations.

If I submit a report is my identity revealed to the alleged party?

The identity of the impacted party is kept confidential when possible. Depending on the act of bias, your name may be revealed to assist with addressing the incident appropriately. You will be notified prior to this disclosure.

For any further questions, you may contact the BERT team at