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Facilities Management is a service organization charged with the responsibility to plan, design, construct, renovate, operate, and maintain the buildings and grounds owned by the University of San Francisco. 

Our Mission

The USF Facilities Management team is committed to responsibly stewarding the USF campus with integrity while conserving USF campus heritage and improving the campus to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Our mission is to provide a functional, aesthetic environment that supports outstanding learning opportunities throughout the University in an environmentally sensitive, economically effective, and sustainable manner.


  • Recruit, train, & retain quality people who are passionate about their job
  • Be cutting-edge; not just compliant
  • Set the standard for customer service and support
  • Serve as responsible role models for our community
  • Recognize that the campus appearance is the first impression and thus a key factor that prospective students consider when deciding whether to attend USF
  • Work together to achieve common goals that are aligned with the University’s mission

Facilities Management Service Groups

  • Project Management
  • Building Maintenance & Engineering
  • Landscape
  • Environmental Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Administrative and Support Services
  • USF Mail Services
  • Custodial Services

For additional information, please contact the Facilities Management front desk at (415) 422-6464 or visit us. We are located in Hayes-Healy Hall on the east end of the building, facing the Ulrich baseball field.