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Student Leadership and Engagement understands that you seek out involvement and leadership for a variety of reasons, some of which are serving others, networking, building skills, discovering yourself, making new friends, and creating change. No matter what your interests are, make the most out of your experience here at the University of San Francisco by getting involved and becoming a part of the exciting things happening here.

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2018 Student Organization Awards

Each year, Student Leadership and Engagement recognizes groups and individuals for outstanding leadership and engagement within the student organization community.

Nominations are now open until Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 9 a.m. 

Individual Awards

Rising Leader Award

Recognizes a first-year member (not necessarily a first-year student), who has demonstrated outstanding commitment, service, and leadership within their first year of being involved with a registered student organization.

Unsung Hero Award

Recognizes a student who has dedicated significant service to a registered student organization. Their service is often behind-the-scenes and goes unrecognized within the organization and/or the greater community. The person does not have to hold a formal leadership role to be recognized for the award, in fact they often do not have a formal title.

Member of the Year Award

Recognizes an outstanding member of a registered student organization who has gone above and beyond in advancing the mission and development of their organization. The recipient of this award should demonstrate an ongoing commitment to leadership development, member engagement, collaboration, inclusion, and ethical decision-making.

Change Agent Award

Recognizes an individual for outstanding leadership toward social change that promotes greater inclusion within the University of San Francisco community. The individual demonstrates a strong value for community and collaboration by empowering the community through their efforts toward social change.  

Advisor of the Year Award

Awarded to the student organization advisor who has demonstrated the most contribution to the overall USF community (students, faculty, staff, etc.) through their involvement advising an undergraduate student organization. The advisor must have demonstrated commitment to the organization's purpose as well as the mission and values of the university while contributing to the development of its members and the San Francisco community as a whole.

Group Awards

Program of the Year

Recognizes a student organization for an outstanding program within four different categories. These programs are recognized for their excellence in student leadership, planning, development, execution, and/or assessment. The categories are:

  • Service: Service programs are action-oriented that provide an essential resource (i.e. time, money, tangible goods, information, etc.) to a community.
  • Inclusion: Inclusion programs are those which encourage the continued pursuit of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to build a more inclusive community which celebrates diversity and works toward justice.
  • Educational: Educational programs share information and create a space for participants to engage their learning in a specific field of knowledge.
  • Community: These programs are those that provide a space to bring the USF community together to promote the development of social relationships.

Outstanding Collaboration Award

Recognizes a collaboration between a registered student organization and another USF entity (department, registered student organization, etc.) that most embodied the values of the University and excellence in communication, service, and common purpose. Excellence in collaboration can take the form of advancing an initiative, developing a new program, and any other act of working together toward creating change.

New Organization of the Year Award

Recognizes a newly registered student organization within the current academic year that has made significant strides in their development and presence on campus as they work to establish their organization for years to come at USF.

The Phoenix Award

Recognizes a student organization that has undergone significant growth and development relative to its performance in previous years. Significant growth in the areas of membership, fundraising, programming, advocacy, collaboration, service, and other areas of organizational development.

Student Organization of the Year Award

Recognizes the student organization that has gone above and beyond in their contributions to the overall USF community (students, faculty, staff, etc.) through creative, innovative, and organized activities, events, advocacy, and/or programs. The organization demonstrates a strong commitment to their purpose, mission, and values of the University while contributing to the development of its members and the San Francisco community as a whole.