Division of Student Life


The mission of Student Life is to support the holistic wellbeing, co-curricular development, and academic and professional success of all students within a culture of equity and justice that prepares them to be caring, socially and environmentally responsible citizens of our global and interdependent world.

While each office within Student Life holds a specialized focus, our work is in service to and collaboration with the University's mission to “empower and hold accountable our students, faculty, librarians, staff, administrators, alumni, and community partners to be persons for and with others, to care for our common home, including the native lands on which our campuses reside, and to promote the common good by critically, thoughtfully, and innovatively addressing inequities to create a more humane and just world.”

Our Commitments

Acknowledging the importance of supporting the whole student and the interconnectedness and value of all people, communities, and faith traditions, we embrace the Jesuit values of Cura Personalis and Cura Apostolica. Student Life fosters a community based upon the ethics of equity and care, with a commitment to:

  • Promoting a common good that includes the needs of all students.
  • Creating an anti-racist environment that supports an equitable and socially responsible way of being together in community.
  • Engaging differences in a manner that allows people to learn from the diversity of perspectives, experiences and traditions that exist within the University community.
  • Providing experiences that challenge students to develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, culturally, creatively, professionally, and morally in order to prepare them to contribute to the University and extended communities.
  • Drawing out the leadership qualities inherent in every individual, and providing opportunities for students to develop and apply knowledge, values, and skills.
  • Recognizing and celebrating the identities, achievements, and contributions of all students.