As a condition of enrollment, USF requires immunizations for specific student populations. USF believes immunizations help maintain the long-term health of our campus and the greater University of San Francisco community.

Students must submit their immunization records through Med+ProctorPlease note: students only need to provide their USF email, student ID and name to create their account. After registering your information and completing your free online profile, you may choose to pay an optional one-time fee of $10 for membership benefits, but it is not required. 

Requirements For:

Visit our COVID-19 Resources page for more information about vaccination requirements, testing and the required COVID-19 course. 


The deadline to submit proof of required immunizations depends on your term of admission:

  • Fall Semester: August 15 at 5 p.m.*
  • Spring Semester: January 15 at 5 p.m.*

*Students planning to reside in USF-operated housing must submit all required immunization records prior to their moving in day. For more information on the COVID Vaccination policy, visit COVID-19 Resources Page.

About Holds and Fines

Failure to submit the immunization records by the deadlines will result in a $100 fine and registration hold. To remove a hold or appeal a fine placed, all required documents must be submitted. To appeal the fine, you may submit the HPS immunization fine appeal form. Submitting this appeal will not guarantee that the fine will be removed. Please notify our office if you need support.

Fall 2023 New and Incoming undergraduate students

Effective Fall 2023 for new and incoming undergraduate students, failure to submit the immunization records by the deadline will result in a registration hold. If you do not submit all required immunization records after your first two semesters, a $100 fine will be placed on your student account.

Submit Proof

Students must submit their immunization records to Med+Proctor in one of the following ways: Immunization Yellow card, high school immunization records, or a copy of medical records.

All immunization records must be in English. If you don't have your immunization records and/or they need to be translated, please reach out to our office and we can provide you a form to have your medical provider complete the required documentation.

Please note: Students who do not have a “verified” status on file at Med+Proctor have not met their immunization requirement. Students must check their USF Dons email account for important communication regarding their status with Med+Proctor.

Med+ Proctor Support

For more questions, or if you need help submitting your immunization records, please contact Med+Proctor at or chat with them at Med+Proctor is HIPAA and FERPA compliant Review their privacy policy.

    Exemptions for MMR

    Exemptions for the MMR immunization can be granted due to a medical condition only. The student must provide a letter from a healthcare provider, signed on official medical office stationery and including the official stamp from the office, stating the medical reason(s) why the student is not able to receive the Measles/Mumps and/or Rubella vaccine(s), and indicate if this is a temporary or permanent condition. Med+Proctor provides medical waivers for individuals meeting this criterion. These are available for download within the student profile “documents” section.