Cultural Centers

Community. Empowerment. Intersectionality. Growth. Solidarity.

The Cultural Centers include the Gender & Sexuality Center and the Intercultural Center. The centers serve as both physical spaces on campus where students build community, and as outlets for student-run programs that explore social issues and identity.

The Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) is our campus’ gender justice and LGBTQ+ resource center, for student development opportunities and support. The Intercultural Center (IC) is our campus’ center for students of color and students who are working in solidarity towards social justice at the intersections of race, ethnicity, class, and culture.

The Cultural Centers bring students together to increase their understanding, and embrace their roles, as members of a diverse community on the local and global levels.

We engage in this work through our shared values


The Cultural Centers unify individuals across identities, backgrounds and experiences. Our positive, caring, and discerning community creates a sense of belonging for students.


The Cultural Centers inspire students to find their agency and authentic voice to express their needs. Students feel empowered to explore their passions.


The Cultural Centers understand the complexity and beauty of the multiple intersecting identities students bring into the world. Our programs encourage students to embrace their whole self.


The Cultural Centers believe that all students have the capacity to deepen their consciousness by building upon their unique lived experiences. Programs encourage students to bravely engage in challenging dialogues within a supportive space.


The Cultural Centers cultivate support and advocacy for, and with, marginalized identities and communities. Programs provide opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of injustices and work towards social change in community.