End of the Year Ceremonies

End of  the Year Ceremonies

The End of the Year Ceremonies are the university’s cultural and identity-based recognitions.

These ceremonies center the cultural identities and backgrounds that our students hold. Each recognition program takes place in May and is designed to highlight the outstanding work our students have accomplished in the areas of service, academics, and leadership, while affirming the unique challenges and experiences they share. 

Participating graduates are encouraged to invite their family and friends to celebrate alongside graduates. If you are interested in participating in one or more of the ceremonies, RSVP using the respective link listed for each ceremony below. Membership in cultural organizations is not a requirement for registration.

The dates, features, and deadline to RSVP for spring 2021 ceremonies have not been determined yet. 

Stole sales for Fall 2020 have not been finalized yet, please check back on this page in November for more information.

Registration for these ceremonies is separate from the main university commencement.

End of  the Year Ceremonies (Cultural Commencements) Spring 2020 Recognitions

13th Annual USF Lavender Commencement (LGBTQIA+ graduation)

Event Description: Lavender Commencement is a special ceremony held in May to honor graduating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer students, including those who identify across the gender and sexuality spectrums (LGBTQIA+). The ceremony is a reflection of our community’s growth as a whole and the accomplishments of the graduating class.

21st Annual USF Latinx Recognition Ceremony

Event Description: The Latinx Recognition Ceremony is intended to celebrate and recognize graduating Latinx/Hispanic/Chicanx and multiracial Latinx/Hispanic/Chicanx students. The ceremony honors not only individual's accomplishments in academics, service, and leadership, but also pays tribute to the collective victories and sacrifices as a community.

5th USF Annual Indigenous Peoples of Oceania Ceremony: Native Pacific Islander Graduation

Event Description: The Indigenous Peoples of Oceania Ceremony was created for graduating students who identify as Indigenous Oceanic, Native Pacific Islander, and Pasifika people to celebrate their visibility and representation in higher education. 

25th Annual Vizuri Kabisa Ceremony (Black Commencement)

Event Description: Vizuri Kabisa is Swahili for "excellence." Vizuri Kabisa is a recognition event that honors the academic and leadership achievements of graduating students who identify as Black, African and African American.

14th Annual USF Interwoven Ceremony (Asian & Asian American Commencement) 

Event Description: The Interwoven Graduation Ceremony honors graduating Asian, Asian American, multi-racial Asian, Middle Eastern, and/or South Asian undergraduate and graduate students. It’s an event designed to highlight the outstanding work our graduating students have accomplished in the areas of service, academics, and leadership while affirming the unique challenges and experiences they share.

Frequently Asked Questions about May Ceremonies:

When will I receive my End of the Year Ceremony materials (stole(s) and certificate(s) in the mail?

  • Registered graduate stole shipments were mailed by Monday, May 11 to all registered students. Students who registered for multiple ceremonies will receive all materials in one package.

When will the in-person End of Year Ceremonies take place?

  • Dates for the in person ceremonies will be confirmed when it is safe to do so. There are currently no final dates set for any of the postponed ceremonies.

When will I receive my digital package materials (Congratulatory video, Graduate Slideshow, Digital Event Program)?

  •  The release for ceremony digital package options will coincide with the day of the original ceremony. Graduates should expect an email with all of their materials on the dates listed below .
    • Monday (5/11): Lavender Commencement, Latinx Recognition Ceremony
    •  Tues (5/12): Indigenous Peoples of Oceania Ceremony, Vizuri Kabisa
    •  Wed (5/13): Interwoven Ceremony.


The extended deadline to register was April 22. The registration deadline was extended as much as possible this spring based on our current remote situation. We are no longer able to make additional extensions. When it is safe for us to hold in-person ceremonies for the 2020 graduating class, we will reach out for additional students to be able to participate at that later date, when new supplies also become available. For any questions please contact culturalcenters@usfca.edu

Each event is designed to highlight the outstanding work our students have accomplished in the areas of service, academics, and leadership, while affirming the unique challenges and experiences they share.  Academic programs, cultural organizations, and the Cultural Centers unite to host the End of the Year Ceremonies each year. 

A joint committee with membership from each EYC planning committee has met over March and April, as well as individual ceremony committees made up of staff, students, and faculty members to make decisions around alternate recognition options given the need to postpone an in-person ceremony. 

For this spring, we will be offering registrants their ceremony stoles and printed certificates. We do not have an established date for shipping at this time, as we need to wait until it is safer for staff to return to campus to build and mail the packages.

Additional offerings this spring in connection to your registration will be:

  • A printable event “program” that will contain graduate names
  • Access to a congratulatory compilation video of messages to graduates from faculty, staff, and students
  • A collection of graduate submissions:depending on the ceremony, this might be a video slideshow of graduate submitted images, a collection of videos or writings based on a theme, etc 
  • Social media recognition of graduates (optional offering - specifics on this effort may vary based on each ceremony

For the summer/fall, it is our goal to postpone the physical ceremony aspect of the EYCs to connect with the dates of the main commencement. We are waiting to hear about the rescheduling of the main university commencement and do not have dates available to share at this time. Everyone who is registered for the EYCs this spring will be invited to join in the in-person ceremony for no additional cost.