Women of Color Leadership Conference

Women of Color Leadership Conference Saturday, March 23rd, 2024


The Cultural Centers and the Office of Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) are excited to present the fifth annual University of San Francisco Women of Color Leadership Conference. Our conference's purpose is to engage members of the University of San Francisco and the greater San Francisco Bay Area community in centering the experiences of women of color.

2024 Theme: Living Unapologetically

From a young age, women of color have been socialized to be small, feel shame, and apologize if we ever tried to defend ourselves. At this year’s conference, we invite women of color to stand firm in our collective strength, and refuse to fade into the ether any longer. Together we will be bold, take risks, and send a message that we are not afraid, and we are not sorry. By embracing this year’s theme of Living Unapologetically, we hope to create a cross-cultural space for sharing and building with and for each other. We aim to cultivate an inclusive environment where we can collaborate, empower, and uplift future women of color leaders.

Conference Sessions

Facilitated by Dr. Jevon Rice, USF Staff Psychologist 

Internal systemic rebellion is the claiming of our bodies from a system that continues to use our bodies for production while maintaining societal messaging of our worth being tied to our accomplishments and productivity. This presentation focuses on challenging the definition of "self-care" and the empowerment experienced through internal systemic rebellions as womxn and womxn-aligned from global majority communities.

Dr. Jevon Rice

Facilitated b Saniya Harris, Mariah Jackson, Chidera Awjuo, Kayla Washington, and Dametra Woodmore, Tau Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated

The event focuses on dismantling negative stigmas associated with strength among women. Through open discussions and shared understanding, the goal is to create a space for expressing feelings about these stigmas and fostering a sense of community while addressing the impact of labels and their disruptive effects. This event will be an opportunity to learn not only about the history behind the "Strong Black Woman" stereotype but also provide a chance to learn how to uplift one another.

Members of the USF Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority who will be hosting this session.


Facilitated by Dr. Fraylanie Aglipay, Professor in the School of Education

The session investigates the narratives of immigrant Women of Color, aiming to enhance their leadership opportunities and improve workplace standards. Their experiences and multi-layered identities shape their unique leadership styles. The research highlights the need for better support in higher education and promotes inclusive leadership. Using a collaborative autoethnography approach, participants shared their experiences, emphasizing the need to challenge mainstream privilege. By acknowledging their intersecting identities, an exemplary leadership model can be formed. The research is influenced by Critical Feminist Scholars from the University of San Francisco. Through continuous dialogue about identities and experiences, the presenter has developed a deeper understanding of the identities of being an immigrant, a woman of color, and a leader in higher education.

Facilitated by Shanela Ranaraja and Omelia Tennant, USF Graduate Students in International Studies and Education Technology

Who leads our way forward into the worlds we deserve? How do we carry their stories? How do we bear witness to their teachings? Within each of us is a symphony of names--our mothers, sisters, elders, teachers, warriors, martyrs. This session seeks to hold, honor and pass on the stories of those women of color who made our lives possible, and to contemplate the lessons they may offer us. The session will offer guided meditations and opportunities for participants to create and share their own witnessings.

Facilitated by Henriette Ako-Asare, USF International and Multicultural Education Ed.D. Candidate

Explore the empowering presentation and discussion,"Fostering Community: Moms of Color," where you'll learn about the journey of a mother who helped build the community she felt she needed; a space for people that self identify with mothering while being a BIPOC person and/or being Moms of Color in the Bay Area. Uncover insights on how she successfully established a supportive online and in-person network, fostering the exchange of knowledge and creating a secure haven. Challenge preconceptions about motherhood and reclaim the narrative, recognizing that the mothering space is diverse and inclusive, transcending the often exclusive perception dominated by white cisgender moms. Following the presentation we will have an open dialogue about community building and mothering.

Facilitated by Lynna Do, USF Alum and Board Member of USF PRIDE Alumni and APAN

An empowering session as we explore the unique journey of embracing the intersection of cultures through the lens of womanhood and color. In this session, we'll delve into the complexities, challenges, and triumphs faced by women of color as they navigate multiple cultural identities. Through personal stories, shared experiences, and insightful discussions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the beauty and strength found in cultural intersectionality. From celebrating diversity to advocating for inclusivity, this session will inspire and empower attendees to embrace their identities authentically and navigate the world with confidence and resilience.

Our Intentional Inclusion of Trans Voices of Color

As a community, we understand that there is no single story when it comes to being subjected to systemic oppression as an individual of minoritized gender. We collectively call to attention the struggle and resilience of those in our communities with gender identities which fall under the transgender umbrella including but not limited to trans men and women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals. People of these identities are welcomed and encouraged to engage at the conference and reception.

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