Public Safety & Transportation

Photo: USF campus

The Department of Public Safety ensures a safe learning, working, and living environment at the University of San Francisco. Our 24-hour communication center and uniformed public safety officers proactively prepare against and respond to all reports of accidents, crimes, suspicious persons, hazards, and other emergencies. We provide:

  • Patrol and dispatch services
  • One Card security systems
  • Campus shuttles and safety escorts
  • Disaster preparedness programs
  • Parking services
  • Parking Permits

    Fall 2018 and Annual 2018-2019 permits will be available beginning August 12. Faculty and staff who need a parking permit before August 12 can purchase a pro-rated summer permit. Summer permits are currently available on iParq.

    2018-2019 iParq Permit


  • All vehicles parked on the USF campus must display a valid parking permit. Payment for the permit alone does not validate parking without the permit.
  • If you have any outstanding citations, you will not be able to purchase your permit until you have paid for them. By law, appeals to citations can only be made 21 days after the citation date of issuance.
  • Faculty, staff, student, and affiliate parking permits are not valid in green spaces, loading zones, or visitor's spaces.
  • Student Parking

    USF has very limited parking and, as such, is unable to provide ample parking spaces for the majority of the USF community. Therefore, in accordance with San Francisco city planning, sustainability efforts, limited campus parking, and in order to reduce the amount of traffic in the residential neighborhood that surrounds the university, all students who live in any University housing facility are prohibited from bringing vehicles to campus and are ineligible to receive semester or annual parking permits.

    During the fall and spring semesters, full time and 3-day part time permits are awarded through a lottery system to students living outside of a 3 mile radius from campus. During the summer, however, students may purchase any type of parking permit. 


    The application for the 2018-2019 student parking lottery is now available. Applications will be accepted through July 31 at 4:00 p.m. Only one application per eligible student will be counted. Student 1-day and evening permits will be available to non-residential students beginning August 12 through September 7. 

    2018-2019 Student Parking Lottery Application

    To be eligible, the student must:

  • Be a non-residential student (live off campus)
  • Live further than 3 miles from the campus perimeter (Fulton Street, Stanyan Street, Anza Street, and Masonic Avenue)

  • USF encourages students to take advantage of the excellent public transportation system in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Discounted Muni passes are provided to undergraduate students The USF Muni pass allows students unlimited access to the San Francisco Muni lines. Additionally, there are plenty of bike racks on campus.

    Coyotes on Campus

    As some of our community have already noticed, it appears that the USF Lone Mountain Campus is now home to two coyotes. We have had no reports of aggressive behavior by these animals. Use the links below to learn more information:

  • Coyotes on Campus
  • Coyotes in San Francisco
  • Coexisting with Coyotes
  • Alerts for Dogs and Coyotes
  • Alerts for Dog Walkers
  • Alert for Feeding Coyotes
  • 2017 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report 

    In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA), I am pleased to present the University of San Francisco's Annual Security and Fire Safety Report covering the years 2014, 2015, and 2016. As in past years, crime statistics confirm a low campus crime rate, particularly the low incidence of violent crime. This report is in PDF format. If you would like a printed copy, contact us and we will gladly provide you with a copy.

    Letter from Senior Director and 2017 Annual Security Report

    Progressive Policing Community Advisory Board

    The Progresive Policing Community Advisory Board (PPCAB) is a new collaboration between the Department of Public Safety and campus community members to develop and implement  fair, equitable, and effective police practices.

    Current PPCAB projects include:

  • Crime Bulletin Criteria
  • Officer Liaison Program
  • DPS Inclusivity Statement
  • Ride Chariot to USF!

    USF has partnered with Chariot to provide commuter vanpool service to USF. 

    Airport Transportation via SuperShuttle

    Heading to the airport? SuperShuttle offers discounted rates to USF students for rides to SFO and OAK. Book via the SuperShuttle website or app using discount code: USF16

    USF Supershuttle Discount

    Notice of Hoverboard Ban on USF Campuses

    Please be advised a temporary ban on hoverboards and similar battery-charged transportation devices is in now in effect for all USF campus locations. This includes hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, battery-operated scooters, and other similar devices. This ban has been put in place due to the number of safety concerns associated with spontaneous combustions ofhoverboards and personal injuries caused by rider falls and collisions. Because of these community safety concerns the use, possession, or storage of these devices anywhere on campus is now prohibited. If you own one of these devices, please ensure that you do not bring it to campus when returning for the fall semester.

    Once the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has concluded its review on these devices, USF Administration will revisit its position on this ban. A formal statement onhoverboard safety concerns and related studies from the CPSC can be found on their website.

    Lost and Found

    The Department of Public Safety operates the central lost and found center at USF. Items turned into the Department of Public Safety are logged and when possible, owners are contacted via USF email and phone numbers stored in the university system. Items are stored for a maximum of ONE MONTH. Any items not picked up after one month will be donated to local charities. To inquire if your lost item has been turned in, please contact the Department of Public Safety by calling 415-422-4222, emailing, or stopping by the Public Safety Main Office on the UC 5th Floor. 

    Safety On The Street

    Safety on the street Practice these techniques all year long to help keep yourself safe.

    Public Safety and Koret collaboratively offer classes for Women's Self Defense. For further details, please visit