USF Shuttle Services

ADA Shuttle and Night Safety Program

The Department of Student Leadership and Engagement and the Department of Public Safety co-sponsor the USF ADA Shuttle, and manage the ASUSF Night Safety Shuttle Program. Its primary purpose is to provide reasonable transportation to classes, on-campus locations, and off-campus residences within the boundaries of the service.

The ADA Shuttle operates during the academic year:

Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6 pm.

Students with temporary and permanent disabilities should contact Student Disability Services at (415) 422-2613 to register for parking and shuttle service accommodations.

Faculty and staff with temporary and permanent disabilities should contact Jill Bouchard at for parking and shuttle service accommodations.

University guests with temporary and permanent disabilities should contact the Public Safety Administrative Office at (415) 422-4222 for shuttle service accommodations.

Students, faculty, and staff on the shuttle priority list may contact Public Safety dispatch at (415) 422-4201 for assistance when the ADA shuttle is not in operation and during academic breaks, including summer and intersession, 

The ASUSF Night Safety Shuttle Program operates during the academic year during the following listed days and times

Sunday through Wednesday, 6 pm to 1 am.
Last call for shuttle pick up or drop off is at 12:30 am.

Thursday through Saturday, 6 pm to 3 am.
Last call for shuttle pick or drop off is at 2:30 am.

USF IDs are required at all times.

Safety Escort Service

The Department of Public Safety operates a Safety Escort service with the USF campus shuttle, Monday through Sunday. Uniformed Public Safety Officers also assist in providing Safety Escorts when the USF Shuttle is not in service. The service is intended to provide a safe means of transportation when no other form is available. Escorts requested to and from off-campus locations must be to a residential address with the following boundaries:

For a security escort, please contact Public Safety at 415-422-4201. Provide the dispatcher with your name, USF identification number, current location, and the location of the destination.

The safety escort service is provided by a Public Safety officer or USF Campus Shuttle to help insure your safety. The service is NOT a taxi service. All escorts are from an off-campus residence to campus or from campus to an off-campus residence. The service is NOT to restaurants, bars or bus stops.  The shuttle has a primary responsibility to students, staff, and faculty with disabilities. On a case by case basis, students in need of medical assistance may be transported to St. Mary's or Kaiser Hospitals.  (Geary/Divisadero).

Shuttle Boundaries

A map showcasing the boundaries of the USF Shuttle.

The USF Shuttle boundaries include:

  • North Boundary: California Street
  • South Boundary: Frederick Street
  • East Boundary: Divisadero Street
  • West Boundary: 6th Avenue