P-Safe Advisory Board


Formed in 2017, the purpose of the P-Safe Advisory Board is to provide a forum for community collaboration and feedback with the Department of Public Safety regarding fair, equitable, and effective police practices. The Advisory Board will work collaboratively with public safety to identify problems, develop and recommend solutions to USF Leadership and serve as a resource regarding community safety issues. The P-Safe Advisory Board will be a key communications liaison by expressing community concerns to public safety and sharing relevant information with community members from USF Public Safety.


  • Create a workable model in problem-solving around community crime, quality-of-life, social justice, and restorative justice related issues
  • Further strengthen community policing and insuring community safety needs are met
  • Serve as a positive advisory group and liaison to the community


Access the P-Safe Advisory Board Constitution.

Campus Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events on progressive policing.

Law Enforcement Leadership Symposium 2018
January 4-5, 2018
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Together We Stand: a Campus Town Hall on Trust Safety, Inclusion, & Acceptance
October 20, 2016
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