Parking Permits

Public Safety Operational Hours Update

Please note our office is currently working remotely due to University compliance with San Francisco’s COVID-19 Shelter-in-place mandate so some instructions may have changed. If you have any questions please email us at

If you require immediate assistance, please contact Public Safety Dispatch at 415-422-4201 or

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

USF Faculty and Staff members living outside of a half-mile radius from campus may obtain a parking permit from the Department of Public Safety. Permits can be purchased online. Permits may be purchased one semester at a time or for the entire academic year. Faculty and Staff with outstanding parking citations will not be eligible to purchase a parking permit until the citations are paid for and cleared.

In order to purchase, you will need your 8-digit USF ID # and vehicle registration ready for reference. If you have previously purchased a permit on the online system, then you should already have an account on the iPARQ Permit Website. For faculty and staff, there is no deadline to purchase a parking permit and permits will be given to all those that apply.

Fall 2020 parking permits will be available on iParq beginning August 9. Fall permits are valid through January 31. 

Link to purchase a parking permit:

Methods of Payment

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Payroll Deduction (Faculty/Staff ONLY)

Reserved Loyola Village Parking

15 reserved spaces in the Loyola Village garage will be offered to faculty and full time staff through a lottery system for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Learn more about this program

Valet Parking

As a courtesy to the USF community, valet parking is provided by California Parking in the Hayes-Healy underground garage and Koret Center lot on Main Campus.

Hours of Operation

Hayes Healy and Loyola lots: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm during the regular academic year.

Koret Center lots: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm during the regular academic year.

After-Hours Key Pick-Up

After 5:30 pm, vehicle keys from Hayes Healy and Loyola may be picked up from the Main Gate and Lone Mountain Gate, respectively. Please note that the parking gates are only open until 8:00 pm, and after 8:00 pm, Public Safety Dispatch must be called to retrieve Hayes Healy and Loyola Lot keys. After 6:00 pm, vehicle keys from the Koret Lot can be retrieved by calling Public Safety Dispatch at 415-422-4201. Please be advised that valet tickets are required at time of key retrieval.

Carpool Permit

Discounted carpool permits are available for purchase by faculty and staff. To be eligible for the discounted carpool permit, all carpool teammates must be USF faculty or staff members. Unfortunately, students and affiliates are not eligible participants for the carpool permit. Eligible carpool teammates may not have their own separate parking permit nor will they be eligible for the commuter subsidy.

All carpool permits are full time - valid 24/7. Additionally, there are designated carpool parking spaces in the Upper Koret lot. These spaces are reserved for vehicles with USF carpool permits until 10:00 am. 

Permit Options and Prices

  • 2-Person Carpool permit: $160/semester or $399 annual (51% off the regular full time permit)
  • 3-Person Carpool permit: $68 annual (96% off the regular full time permit)

Carpool Matching Form

To facilitate the carpool teammate search among USF faculty and staff, we have developed a carpool matching form. If you would like to participate in the matching form, please follow the link and fill out the required questions including your name, email address, status, zip code where you start your commute, and work schedule. Your request will be reviewed by Public Safety. Then you will be granted access to the responses of all participants. In order to access the carpool matching form, you must be signed in with your USF faculty/staff email account, as it is restricted to faculty and staff only.

Once you have access to the database, you can identify and contact potential carpool teammates. Once you match with your teammates, you can email Public Safety at to remove your information from the database. Please use the subject line "Remove Carpool Information", and state your name and your carpool teammate names. Your information will be removed within 1-2 business days.

One teammate will be responsible for ordering the carpool permit via iParq. Cost sharing should be handled directly between the carpool parties. Unfortunately, iParq is unable to split payments among carpool teammates. 

Note: By completing this form, you acknowledge and agree that your carpool information (Name, status, email address, zip code, and work schedule) will be shared with other participants of the carpool matching program. You may email at any time to remove your information from the shared list. 

Waze Carpool

USF has partnered with Waze Carpool as another carpool matching solution. Sign up with your email address to match with other USF riders and drivers.

Student Parking Permits

USF has very limited parking and, as such, is unable to provide ample parking spaces for the majority of the USF community. Therefore, in accordance with San Francisco city planning, sustainability efforts, limited campus parking, and in order to reduce the amount of traffic in the residential neighborhood that surrounds the university, all students who live in any University housing facility are prohibited from bringing vehicles to campus and are ineligible to receive semester or annual parking permits.

During the fall and spring semesters, Full Time and 3-Day part time permits are awarded through a lottery system to students living outside of a 3 mile radius from campus. During the summer, however, students may purchase any type of parking permit. 


The 2020-2021 student parking lottery is now live. Submissions will be taken until July 31 at 4:00 p.m. Winners will be notified on August 6 and will be able to purchase their permit beginning August .

Outside of the lottery, one-day, evening, and motorcycle permits will be available for purchase to all students who live off campus  in non-University housing and further than 3 miles from campus.  These permits will be available beginning August 9 through September 4 for the fall semester. Permits can be purchased on iParq

Daily permits are also available for purchase at the Main Gate in the Sobrato Center parking lot or at the Lone Mountain Campus Visitor Gate/Information Booth.  Students with outstanding parking citations will not be eligible to purchase a parking permit until the citations are paid for and cleared.  Any students with documented disabilities needing parking should contact Student Disability Services at (415) 422-2613 for parking accommodations.

USF encourages students to take advantage of the excellent public transportation system in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Discounted Muni passes are provided to undergraduate students. The USF Muni pass allows students unlimited access to the San Francisco Muni lines. Additionally, there are plenty of bike racks on campus.

Semester and Annual Permits Types

Full-Time parking permits are valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Part-Time parking permits are valid for specified days of the week.

Evening- Evening parking permits are valid M-F from 3:00 PM to 6:00AM and all day on Saturdays in all parking lots except where spaces are designated for GREEN parking permit holders.

Three Person Carpool- Full-Time Faculty and Staff are eligible for Carpool permits. The three members must be from the same city.

Two Person Carpool- Full-Time Faculty and Staff are eligible for Carpool permits. The two members must be from the same city.

Disabled parking- Any faculty or staff with disabilities may purchase a faculty/staff permit and park in the disabled spaces if they have a DMV Disabled Placard or Plates. Students with disabilities should contact Student Disability Services to request access to purchase a student parking permit. To be placed on the priority list for the disability shuttle on weekdays, please contact Human Resources or Student Disability Services.

Motorcycle- Motorcycle parking permits are valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in motorcycle designated areas only.

Fees for all semester permit types can be found here: Permit Fees

Daily- A limited number of daily parking permits are available for purchase at the Main Gate and at the Lone Mountain Gate on a first-come, first serve basis. These permits are valid in any parking lot, and any space unless it is designated otherwise. Visitor Gates are open M-F 7:45am-8pm and 7:45am-12pm on Saturdays. Daily permits cost $20, Monday through Saturday. Only credit cards are accepted for daily permits. No cash.

Guest Permits

Guest permits are available from either the Main Campus or Lone Mountain Campus Visitor Gates/Information Booths. Arrangements for guest permits must be made by a faculty or staff member a minimum of one business day in advance by 4:00 pm. Requests must be e-mailed to Departments will be charged for same-day requests, having more than 3 guests/day, and having a guest visit campus more than 3 consecutive days. In any of the aforementioned cases, the charge will be $20/person/day. The only persons eligible for guest permits are official guests of the university. All current university faculty, staff, and students are not allowed to receive guest permits. Daily permits can be purchased from the visitor gates for $20 per day.

When conducting business on campus, Emeritus faculty and staff members can contact Public Safety at 415-422-4222 or email for a complimentary parking permit.

More information is available on the Official Guest/Temporary Parking Permit Request Policy.

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage is available to the USF faculty and staff throughout the year in the Koret Center lots. Storage fees are calculated according to daily permit fees for those without a current USF parking permit. Current USF permit holders may store their vehicle in the designated lot at no additional fee. Completion of the Vehicle Storage Form is required and should be submitted to the Public Safety main office prior to storage start date. Forms can be emailed to

Please note, there is a two week maximum to vehicle storage on campus. After two weeks, other storage arrangements must be made. 

Koret Recreational Center Member Parking

Annual Koret Membership members, Masters Swim members, and Koret members with disabilities are able to purchase parking permits from the Department of Public Safety. Parking is limited to the Koret Center. If you have one of these memberships, please visit our permit store to apply. For more information, please contact the Koret Center at (415) 422-6821 or the Department of Public Safety at (415) 422-4222.

See Campus Parking for campus parking locations.