Meet the Staff

Director of the Cultural Centers

Erin Echols

Erin Echols is the Director of the University of San Francisco's Cultural Centers, which include the Intercultural Center and Gender and Sexuality Center.  Prior to coming to USF, Erin served at California Polytechnic State University for eight years, most recently as the Assistant Director of the Dean of Students Office for the Cross Cultural Centers. Additionally, Erin worked at Colby-Sawyer College for five years as the Assistant Director of Campus Activities and Orientation Program Coordinator.

Her educational background includes an MA in Educational Leadership from California Polytechnic State University, an MFA from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and a BS from the University of New Haven.

Erin has focused on increasing the retention and persistence of underrepresented students at colleges and universities through programming and research. A highlight of her work in this area was a research study specific to the retention of LGBTQIA students.

As a passionate student affairs professional, Erin’s interests include social justice programming, strategic planning, assessment, collaboration development, marketing, and fiscal planning. Her professional organization and community involvement has included founding and chairing the Pride Faculty Staff Association at Cal Poly and serving on the executive board of the California Council of Cultural Centers in Higher Education.  At Cal Poly, Erin was proud to receive the Chandler Award for excellence in Student Affairs.

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Assistant Director for the Cultural Centers

Lionell Daggs

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Graduate Interns for the Cultural Centers

Denise Diaz

Graduate Intern for the Intercultural Center

Denise is a graduate student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Program in the School of Education. She was born and raised in Southern California. She's a proud Mexican-American and mujer (womxn) who aspires to be apart of the solution by taking action and attaining the best educational tools and professional practice she can get to continue being an agent of social change to the historically underrepresented communities she aims to assist. Her passion lies in using her intersecting identities to foster inclusive spaces that will challenge and empower folks to utilize their own multiple identities and become active agents in their community and develop their own educational journey, all while incorporating themes of authenticity, self-awareness and self-care. Denise is an avid traveler and adventure seeker. In her spare time she loves hiking, blogging and spending time with her four legged fur-babies.

Ian Zamora

Graduate Intern for the Gender & Sexuality Center

Ian is a graduate student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Master's program in the School of Education. His goal is to infuse social justice and hip hop into higher education while supporting and providing students with the means to advocate for themselves and their communities. Through the Gender and Sexuality Center, Ian is looking forward to building solidarity with the campus community while engaging in critical dialogue around issues of social justice. His interests outside of work include rock climbing, reading, finding the next best coffee shop, hip hop, and exploring the city on his bike.

Undergraduate Interns

Hope Diwata

Diversity Education Intern for the Gender and Sexuality Center

Hope is a third year Communication student with a cultural anthropology minor. She has seen how a space full of affirmation and acceptance benefits a community and she is excited and humbled to be given that chance to provide that space for others. Hope likes to spend her free time reading anything she can get her hands on, sitting at the beach, and spending too much money on concert and baseball tickets.

Anisa Evans

Arts Intern for the Intercultural Center

Anisa is a third year international business major with a minor in dance. Being born and raised on the island of Oahu has influenced her pursuit for a life that cultivates meaning through connections with others, the sharing of culture, and the importance of expressing feeling and new forms of communication through the arts. As someone who partakes in various forms of artistic expression, including but not limited to dance, poetry, painting, and music, her main passion is to promote healing through introspection along with community building. Her hobbies generally include exploring and experiencing nature, taking care of her plants, reading, cooking, anything involving the ocean, meeting new people, and creating heart -felt moments with loved ones.

Diego Jones

Diversity Education Intern for the Intercultural Center

Diego is a four year student majoring in International Studies with a minor in Latin-American Studies. He identifies himself as Salvadoran and Biracial. He is looking forward to engage in interesting and positive discussions about race, ethnicity and class with students from the USF community. Outside of work, his interests include poetry, dancing, traveling and soccer!

Yasmin Kouchesfahani

Arts Intern for the Gender and Sexuality Center

Yasmin is a fourth year, International Studies student with minors in Latin American Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies. She is very excited and grateful to be part of the empowering spaces and community at the Cultural Centers. She has personally witnessed her whole life the power of preservation and community, and hopes to share that with students at the GSC. Yasmin loves to spend time with friends and family, write poetry, and go out dancing in her purple crocs.

Corey Kowalczyke

Diversity Education Intern for the Gender and Sexuality Center

Corey Kowalczyke is a sophomore International Studies major! Originally 100 miles east from Sacramento, he came to the USF because he was drawn to the progressive Jesuit ideals of the small campus community within the huge city. As an intern he will become an advocate for those who seek to find expression and identity within the cultural centers, as well as an active voice for the issues of intersectionality and inclusivity within the LGBTQ+ community. He's particularly interested in how social and economic class play a role in representation in the Queer community, and how our most underrepresented and disadvantaged groups such as foster youth, homeless, refugees etc, play a pivotal role in the identity and formation of the Queer community. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, hiking, discovering new music with friends and handcrafting coffee.

Ema Matsumura

Graphics and Marketing Intern for the Cultural Centers

Ema is a fourth-year Design major student from Honolulu, Hawaii. She is originally from Tokyo, Japan As she spent most of her life growing up in Hawaii, she has immersed herself well into the various and diversified culture. Many of her designs and creativity is inspired by stories, emotion, beauty in nature, and connection between people to people. As a Graphics Intern at the Cultural Centers, she is hoping to use her design to invite students warmly to the educational events held. Outside of school, she has interests in fashion, traveling, culture, food and music. You can find her outside of the cultural center probably shopping, exploring SF, sketching and writing.

LeeAnn Quintero

Diversity Education Intern for the Intercultural Center

LeeAnn is a junior with a Critical Diversity Studies Major. With her position in the Cultural Centers she hope to help others find a space in which they feel welcome. She wants to be able to give others the same comfort she received while trying to find my community. Lee is very passionate about helping others. Her hobbies are working out, going on hikes or runs, drawing, or cooking.

Potentially another intern to be added soon!

Graphics and Marketing Intern for the Cultural Centers