Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness Matters Logo with 7 dimensions:  psychological (emotional), physical, intellectual, environmental, social, financial, and spiritual wellness.

Quick Tips

  • Check in with your emotional well-being (psychological).
  • Make plans to hang out with new friends (social).
  • Engage in composting and recycling (environment).
  • Learn something new each day (intellectual).
  • Write down a gratitude list (spiritual).
  • Go for a 5-minute walk through Golden Gate Park (physical).
  • Make a weekly grocery budget (financial).

Random Acts of Wellness (R.A.W.)

Join us on IG Live bi-weekly during the fall and spring semester. Random Acts of Wellness seeks to provide a space for you to learn new ways to practice wellness, hear from your peers and their experience working through their wellness journey, and provide helpful tips to you when it comes to health and wellness.

Wellness Check

The Wellness Check is a confidential assessment tool that can help you figure out different areas you can improve to achieve whole body health and wellness. After you take the Wellness Check, you can schedule a Wellness Coaching appointment.

Take The Wellness Check (For Students)

Take the wellness check (for USF 101 Students only)

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