Environmental Wellness

Your environmental wellness is defined by the livability of your surroundings. Personal health depends on the health of the planet – from the safety of the food supply to the degree of violence in society. Your physical environment either supports your wellness or diminishes it. To improve your environmental wellness, you can learn about and protect yourself against hazards in your surroundings and work to make your world a cleaner and safer place.

Tips on Environmental Wellness

  • Conserve energy
  • Recycle and compost
  • Spend time outdoors


  • Cigarette Butt Cleanups - Every month, HPS Smoke & Tobacco-Free Ambassadors host a cigarette butt clean up for the USF community. This is a great opportunity to take part in community service that impacts your environment.
  • USF Office of Sustainability - Learn how USF keeps our campus green and sustainable and get involved in the values to live, learn, volunteer, and lead an environmentally-friendly life.
  • NIH Environmental Wellness Toolkit - Provides evidence-based tips for living well and improving your environmental wellness.
  • Cool California - Calculate your carbon footprint, reduce your environmental impact, and be part of the climate change solution.
  • Mr. Chilly App - An app to help you avoid Karl the fog. Provides weather micro-climates and forecasts for San Francisco.