Spiritual Wellness

To enjoy spiritual wellness is to possess a set of guiding beliefs, principles, or values that give meaning and purpose to your life, especially in difficult times. The spiritually well person focuses on the positive aspects of life and finds spirituality to be an antidote for negative feelings such as cynicism, anger, and pessimism. Religions help many people develop spiritual health. Religion is not the only source or form of spiritual wellness. Many people find meaning and purpose in their lives on their own through nature, art, meditation, good works or with their loved ones.

Tips on Spiritual Wellness

  • Express what is on your mind
  • Travel
  • Take time to meditate
  • Think positively
  • Ask questions
  • Look for a religious faith that you agree with


  • University Ministry - supports the spiritual, religious and pastoral needs of the USF community.
  • Calm App - an app that was designed to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and help you feel happier.