USF Posting Policy

The University’s interest in maintaining its properties while promoting freedom of expression requires that reasonable regulations regarding size, time, place, and manner be placed upon the posting of information on University property.

Appropriate space for posting is an admittedly scarce campus resource; therefore, individuals and organizations are encouraged to use all available means of electronic communication before resorting to posting hard copies of information around the campus. The distribution of flat screens at strategic points on campus will facilitate such communication.

Posting is only permitted on bulletin boards Therefore, no poster, handbill or any other form of announcement may be placed on, attached to, or written on any structure or natural feature of the campus such as walls or doors of buildings/rooms, windows, building or directional signs, the surface of walkways or roads, fountains, posts, waste receptacles, or trees, classroom blackboards, the backs of classroom seating or any other surface. Postings not on bulletin boards will be taken down.

Posted information must clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring person or organization and the date of the event. Materials that do not identify the sponsoring person or organization or the date of the event will be removed. When appropriate, all postings must adhere to the University’s Graphics Standards especially as they relate to the use of the University’s logo.

The views expressed are those of the posting agent, not those of the University.

The individual, organization, department or office responsible for postings shall be responsible for their removal no more than two weeks after posting; if it is advertising an event, twenty-four hours after the event is over. In order to ensure maintenance of an uncluttered, attractive and safe campus, the University reserves the right to remove signage if it is not in compliance with University policy, e.g., posted for more than two weeks or for an event has taken place. Signage may also be removed when damaged, displaced or weathered so that it is no longer readable. Organizations or individuals violating any of these regulations may be fined for the cost of damages, cleanup and/or removal of postings.

The sponsoring person or organization may be held responsible for cleanup associated with postings in violation of these policies and procedures. Individual students or student organizations violating this policy may also be subject to disciplinary action under the Standards of Non-Academic Conduct policy as outlined in the Fogcutter Student Handbook..

Materials may be posted on campus bulletin boards subject to the following conditions:

  • There is a limit of one notice per activity/event per bulletin board. Information must be affixed to the bulletin board in a manner which will not damage the surface to which it is affixed, i.e. push pins or tacks in cork boards, or blue carpenters’ tape on glass.
  • Materials posted in conjunction with the regular academic and administrative affairs of the University, including announcements of activities and events sponsored by campus departments and organizations should generally be 8.5" x 11" in size and should not exceed 16" x 20".
  • Materials posted in conjunction with student activities/clubs are subject to the "Publicity Regulations" section of the Fogcutter Student Handbook.
  • Materials posted in the student residence halls are subject to the conditions outlined in this policy and are primarily for notices of interest to hall residents or staff.

Posting of information is subject to the following additional location-specific guidelines:

  • Dean, Department or Office Bulletin Boards -- the permission of the appropriate Dean, Department Head or Office Manager is required, following review for compliance with college/department/office policy.
  • Residence Hall Bulletin Boards -- permission is granted by the Hall Director consistent with the "Residence Life Information and Regulations" section of the Fogcutter Student Handbook.
  • Graphic Center Boards -- permission is granted consistent with the "Publicity Regulations" section of the Fogcutter Student Handbook
  • Registrar Signage Holders located at classroom doors -- permission must be obtained from the Academic Schedule Coordinator in the office of the University Registrar.
  • Individual Faculty Member Boards -- generally located outside faculty offices are designated for the posting of teaching schedules and notices pertaining to course work and are administered and maintained by individual faculty members.

For information on approved general posting locations contact the Office of Facilities Management. Information on posting in residential halls is available from the Office of Residence Life.

Approved by the President’s Cabinet

June 4, 2008