Engineer Safety Training

Rainwater inspection training video -

how to conduct a rainy day space inspection and how to generate a Ready Request work order when you find an active leak

Training Video (click to watch)


Welcome to the Safety and Environmental Web-based Training Program at the University of San Francisco

Current Training Below:

MARCH: New Training Environment

As a part of our newly implemented safety training, all engineers will be assigned to complete one or more training courses. For example, you may be asked to take the hazard communication and bloodborne pathogens training courses.

The computer workstations, either in the Parts Room or Gleeson Library, can be used as the primary place for facilities employees to complete web-based safety training along with the computers in the facilities parts room.

Each course has a unique URL. Click on the link which will lead to the training website. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, email address and title in order to enter the training. This information is saved and used for reporting. If you are having difficulty accessing and logging into the training site, please contact your supervisor.

The web-based training module is an audio narration of a slide show. Therefore the computer you use to complete the training must have working speakers and /or an audio jack with headphones attached.

When you have finished the training you must complete a quiz. There will be a button in the upper right-hand corner entitled, 'preview quiz'. Click on this button to begin. You may review the material before clicking on this button.

Please fell free to contact your supervisor or environmental safety if a concept is unclear. Our goal is to improve safety by putting into practice the concepts and principles learned through this training.

Good luck!

Important: You must review the material and complete the quiz in the same session for the time you spend training to be recorded accurately.

Please account for your time using assetworks/aim while taking the safety training course.