Project Updates


work will begin on building a temporary roadway from Turk to the construction site, roughly near the Roselyn Terrace/Turk intersection. This temporary road will be used primarily by trucks off-hauling soils from the site. As with other construction activities impacting the eastern portion of the Lone Mountain lawn, the changes are temporary. The lawn will be returned to its original condition when the project is completed.  


Two drill rigs are scheduled to be delivered to the Lone Mtn Residence Hall construction site during the week of September 3. The first drill rig, the smaller of the two, will be delivered around noon on Tuesday, Sept 4. The Contractor will manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic around the immediate area. 

The second delivery is a large drill rig, scheduled for delivery to the site on Wednesday, Sept 5. The size of the drill rig requires hauling by an oversize truck, the dimensions of which trigger travel time restrictions imposed by the City of San Francisco. Specifically, this truck may only travel on City streets before 6 am.  Accordingly, the truck and drill rig will arrive at the construction site entrance on Turk at approximately 4:00 a.m.  The crew will take approximately 1/2 hour to unload the rig and then will drive away.  The contractors will make every effort to minimize the noise associated with this delivery however we acknowledge that it is likely to be noisy and apologize in advance for any disruption and inconvenience. 


Tree removal will begin on 8/21 at the Res Hall site. The work will involve some heavy equipment and chainsaw noise.


There will be some work at the Lone Mountain lawn site on Saturday, August 4. A team of carpenters will be building forms for a concrete pour. The work is scheduled to start at 9am


Site preparation and demolition activities will continue during the week of Aug 6. The schedule includes constructing a perimeter fence around the restricted construction area which borders the sidewalk along Turk, the demolition of Underhill which will involve heavy equipment, and continued site grubbing and tree removal.  


We are expecting to start tree removal & site “grubbing” at the Residence Hall site late this week or early next. The tree work will be noisy.


On Wednesday July 18, the general contractor will fly a drone over the proposed Res Hall construction site during business hours in order to photo document current conditions. The process will take about a half hour.

6/20/18: Construction Site Closure

Beginning Monday, June 25, the following parking lots, rampways, and pedestrian pathways will close in preparation for construction of the new Sobrato Residential Complex:

  • Loyola Parking Lot 
  • Lone Mountain Drive, east of Loyola House driveway entrance 
  • Pedestrian Path from Loyola Village to Turk Blvd 
  • Underhill Tennis Courts 
  • In preparation for construction, the north-west and west Lone Mountain parking lots will be closed beginning May 21, 2018. We anticipate the Lone Mountain east parking lot and driveway to close this summer.
  • Informational signage will be posted within Lone Mountain main to direct individuals to the new locations of displaced staff. 
  • The Outtakes Cafe kitchen facility will be closed beginning May 21, 2018. The dining area will remain open as a gathering space/lounge.
  • Beginning May 21, the Lone Mountain east parking lot and east driveway will be closed.