Construction Projects Overview

May 2024

In recent years, USF has completed several large-scale construction projects that have provided more student housing, improved dining facilities, and various infrastructure improvements. The following are near-term significant projects.

Masonic East (Formerly the Vitalant Blood Bank)

USF purchased the Vitalant Blood Bank property at 250-270 Masonic in July 2022 and plans to convert the former blood donation center into a post-secondary educational use for the University. The Project will include interior alterations to convert the existing laboratory facilities and library uses to accommodate academic instructional labs, classrooms, meeting and seminar rooms, and faculty and staff offices. USF anticipates minor exterior alterations to the Blood Center building façade and signage. There may be minor reconfigurations of the existing parking lot to improve on-site circulation and ingress and egress for pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles. No floor area would be added to the Blood Center building.

In January 2024, specific programming decisions, which will drive the design of interior renovations, are being finalized with anticipated resolution this spring.  Before interior renovations can begin, a leaky basement located beneath the parking lot at the Turk/Masonic corner must be repaired, the work for which is anticipated to begin in late 2024.

Fromm Residence Hall Window Replacement

May 20 – July 31, 2024

The University will replace all residential room windows in the Fromm Residence Hall, located at the southeast corner of Parker and Golden Gate.  A continuation of USF’s commitment to sustainability, the new windows will help reduce energy demands and reduce noise. 

Work will involve preparatory work at each window site, window installation, painting the interior wall, and final cleaning of each room. Additionally, the exterior walls of Fromm will be scaffolded and painted during this period.