EMT Connect Communication Plan Requests

Communication Plans

A comprehensive communication plan can help organize a series of targeted messages to prospects. Once a communication plan is built, it can be automated, appearing timed or personal but only requiring annual updates rather than persistent effort and approval.

Some pieces to consider including in a communication plan might include: an email from a director, dean or counselor, an email from a current student, an invitation to an information session, an email from a faculty member, a video of an engaging academic lecture, an email from a program chair encouraging the prospect to apply now.

You can space your communications, apart according to what you feel is appropriate, by days, weeks or months (for example you can send an introduction email 1 week after the prospect has been entered into EMT Connect, and another communication 4 weeks later). You can also trigger an email based on a prospect reading/viewing a prior email.

These are a few suggestions of communication pieces that attempt to keep in constant communication with prospects. In general, automated communication plans don't work well with date specific announcements, but there are other possible configurations depending on data reliability and availability.

Submit the Request Form at least three weeks before you would like your communication plan launched and provide a document containing all communications you would like included in your plan.

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A complete communication request usually includes
  • A document containing the entire communication plan
  • The communication timeline
  • Subject Lines
  • Body of email(s)
  • High Resolution Images, detailed descriptions, or links to locations on usfca.edu
  • Comments

For additional information, please contact Enrollment Communications at enrollmentcomms@usfca.edu.