Flat Dons Photo Contest

How to Participate

FIRST, signup for the Go Dons Get Fit (October challenge) - faculty/staff versus students at GOUSFchallenges.org.

Then on October 23, 2019, from 10:30am-2pm, we invite all in the USF community (faculty, staff, and students) to participate in the Flat Dons Photo Contest.

Pick up a laminated flat don from a table on UC 1st Floor (Undercaf) or in the Wolf and Kettle in Lone Mountain. Then go around campus and take photos with the flat don at 5 of the 8 locations listed below.

  1. St Ignatius Church
  2. Gleeson Plaza or Gleeson Library
  3. Kalmanovitz Amphitheater
  4. Negoesco Stadium
  5. Lone Mountain Stairs
  6. Martín-Baró Garden
  7. Del Santo Reading "Harry Potter" Room
  8. War Memorial Gymnasium at the Sobrato Center

Submit Photos to Win

Post photos on Padlet on October 23rd for each location you visit. Winners will be posted on this page, and on instagram @gousfca if the winner is faculty/staff, or on instagram @usfhps if the winner is a student. The most liked photos will be given a prize.


Need help finding the locations above. Enter them into the map below.