Housing after Your First Year

Undergraduate Students

Continuing Student Housing Application Information

Housing for continuing students is available in the form of a random lottery process followed by a self-selection process during the middle of the spring semester. The continuing student housing application will open on February 1, 2018. All students who would like to eligible for a lottery date and time for room selection MUST apply by February 28, 2018 at 5 pm. All applications received after this date will automatically be placed on a wait list.

Please be aware of these important dates:

  • February 1: Housing application opens for continuing students
  • February 28: Housing application priority deadline; Students must apply by 5 pm to be considered for the lottery
  • March 7: Housing lottery time slots announced (via USF Dons email)
  • March 26 to April 6: Housing selection for the 2018-2019 academic year on USFRooms
  • April 11: Housing waitlist is published

Room Selection Process FAQ

Q: Can I secure a spot for myself and my roommate during the selection process if I have an earlier time than my roommate?

A: Yes. Students can secure a spot for themselves and their requested roommates if they have an earlier time and there is still space available. Housing selection is live, however, so taking too much time to secure a space during your time slot could jeopardize your spot as well as your roommate's. Make sure to have everything planned and ready to go before you log on to select a bed space.

Q: I am graduating in December and want to live on campus, but I only see a "spring only" option aside from a full academic year. What do I do? Is there a “fall only” option?

A: You can still apply for housing but you will have to select the entire "academic year" option. When you are about to graduate you will need to cancel your housing application. You will not have to pay the cancellation fee if you graduate in December.

Q: Will I be charged the cancellation fee once I have selected a room space and later decide to cancel my room assignment?

A: Yes, if you select a bed space and cancel your application after April 11, 2018 at 5:00 p.m., you will be charged the cancellation fee. Please note that room selection ends on April 6, 2018, so this gives students some time to decide if they want to keep their room selections or not. Please also note that students do not have to pay the fee if they take a leave of absence or withdraw from the university. 

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit fee?

A: No. Continuing students who are returning to on-campus housing do not need to put in a deposit fee for housing.

Q: Can I change my room after I have selected one?

A: No. After room selection has ended on April 6, you will have to wait until Census Date during September of the Fall 2018 semester to change your room assignment.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are not guaranteed housing. Limited space is available for continuing graduate students in the St. Anne's Community, the priority being first year Law School students. On campus housing space for continuing graduate students is very limited, however, graduate students are still welcome to apply. 

Due to limited on campus housing availability, we strongly encourage graduate students to seek support from Off Campus Student Services

Housing Accommodations for Continuing Students

On-campus housing for students is very limited at the University of San Francisco, which is especially true for students after their freshman year. It is important for students to take housing limitations into account when planning their college experience. SHaRE is committed to helping students transition to life off-campus by offering a number of resources to help students and families with the housing search. Included below are some facts about housing for second-year students, which aim to assist students with making informed decisions about the college experience and securing housing that works best for each individual.

Percentages of Returning Students Housed

In terms of concrete numbers, the most important thing to recognize is that the majority of our students live off-campus. Broken down by academic class, the percentages of students who live on-campus look like this:


  • 2/3 of first-year students apply to live on-campus for their second year.
  • 1/3 of students who apply are housed. 

Juniors and Seniors

  • 1/4 of eligible students apply to live on campus their junior or senior year.
  • 1/3 of students who apply are housed. 

It is important for students to recognize that they are likely to begin living off-campus as early as their second year.

Off-Campus Housing Resources

We understand that the prospect of finding an apartment in San Francisco can be challenging, particularly for students who have never rented an apartment before. To support students with the transition to living off-campus, we have established some helpful resources to help navigate the search process and assist with finding safe and affordable housing.

  • One of the most common concerns is about the availability to find affordable housing in San Francisco.  A great place to start looking for off-campus housing or to familiarize yourself with the rental market is our Off-Campus Housing website, which includes information about how to build a rental packet, a neighborhood map of San Francisco, links to a number of housing search resources, and a housing listing website run by the University of San Francisco.
  • You’re not alone in your search! The Manager of Off-Campus Student Services, Andrea Rocha, is available to help walk you through the search process. You can contact her by email at rochaa@usfca.edu.