Prison Trauma Healing Workshop

About the Program Model

Catholic Prison Trauma Healing is a proven faith–based model of the Trauma Healing Institute that uses mental health principles and scriptural practices to address emotional and spiritual wounds caused by war, violence, natural disasters, and abuse. The book, Healing The Wounds of Trauma: How The Church Can Help, has been translated and taught in over 100 countries and more than 194 language groups in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas.

Facilitators: Joy Stevens and Tony Stella

About this Training

Recently adapted for 120 correctional ministers in 40 locations, this training aims at equipping Catholic ministers to run Trauma Healing groups 5-7 sessions long in their own facilities. Attendees learn the Program Model, faith based and mental health principles related to trauma care; and explore their own experiences of trauma in need of spiritual healing, how to lead groups in a participatory way, and make plans for conducting two Trauma Healing groups in their own setting.

Trauma Healing facilitators aim “to do no harm” to those they serve and to this end, everyone attending will be evaluated during this Initial Training. A simple test measures mastery of the content and a short practice facilitation exercise includes feedback on one's potential to facilitate the 5-7 Trauma Healing sessions that make up this program. All who successfully complete this Initial Training are expected to facilitate the core sessions in two Trauma Healing groups back home within the next 6 months and return to debrief during the Advanced Training (date to be determined). Attendees must attend the entire training, have sufficient status to facilitate groups, a commitment to help trauma survivors, and time enough to devote at least two weeks to facilitating trauma groups. Attendees are responsible for hotel and travel. On-site meals covered by American Bible Society (ABS).

If interested in registering for the workshop, please complete the application.

About the Trauma Healing Institute

The Trauma Healing Institute at the ABS equips and supports a global community of workers in trauma care, helping local churches, national Bible Societies, and other NGO’s bring scriptural based trauma healing to the world’s hurting people. For more information, contact:


University of San Francisco, American Bible Society, Catholic Ministry of San Quentin

*Are you currently involved or do you plan to be involved in a jail or prison ministry?